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Why I Didn’t Cry After Seeing “The Fault in Our Stars” Movie

June 3, 2014

Before I went inside the cinema to see the screening of The Fault In Our Stars, I was reminded by a friend to take out my hanky and prepare to cry. I sat on my seat and I thought of the countless status updates in Facebook (from friends who have read the book) lamenting over the sad story of the characters of the novel.

After two hours and a minute watching the film, I left the cinema with a smile (while, most of the audience were sobbing). I thought, the Fault In Our Stars is such a beautiful story, too beautiful that it needs to be celebrated. The movie is full of love and I felt it. The love of a mom/parent is what touched me the most (more than the romantic love), and the love that Lidewj has shown to Hazel and Gus (to also help Peter inspire to write again) really moved me. It made me think what is the nicest thing I have done to a stranger?  

I find it a bit awkward to see Shailene Woodley (as Hazel Grace Lancaster) and Ansel Elgort (as Augustus Waters) together as a couple, when I have first seen them in the movie Divergent as siblings. I love Gus (Agustus) and his character which represents hope and courage. Ansel, the actor, is not the most adorable guy, but he is fun and he’s someone you would want to be friends with.

After seeing The Fault In Our Stars, I didn’t cry because I felt that when you face death, and you know that you are loved by someone you truly love, it is the most peaceful feeling in the world. If you can only close your eyes and think of that feeling – you would find peace, and no regrets (or what-ifs, and what-could-have-been’s).

I think, ending a relationship due to betrayal is far more painful than the one caused by death. When you are in love and you promised forever, and infinity with someone, things may change, the love may change because of priorities, preferences and choices. The future is a lot more scarier than death. 

Maybe, we have different perspectives and experiences that make us relate to the characters. I was on a chat with friends last night and I asked them why they feel so emotional about the story? They said that the concept of death scares them, and brings back sad memories. From then, I understood. I have not yet experienced losing someone so close to me (I dread that!).

But, I see the beauty of life, and the things that it is offering us. I thought of the beautiful memories that Gus and Hazel had shared, and not the one that they lost; and I smiled. I didn’t cry. 

The Fault in Our Stars opens on June 5 in Philippine Cinemas.

Have you read the book? Did you cry after reading it? 
Share your thoughts about the story 😉 

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