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Taylor Swift Aircraft Livery Airbus Tour: What’s Inside the Plane?

June 5, 2014

The Taylor Swift Aircraft Livery has finally landed in Manila from Jakarta early this afternoon, and I was there to welcome the Taylor Swift crew and check out the Airbus A320 which will be Taylor’s official livery for her Red Asean Tour presented by Cornetto!


Remember that Air Asia flew us to Kuala Lumpur for the launch of the Taylor Swift Aircraft Livery? Earlier, we were given a pass to see the aircraft (and take lots of pictures!), with some of the media friends and contest winners of Air Asia’s #TaylorSwiftviaAirAsia contest.

Airport security is tight, but fans (the Swifties!) got a good interaction with some of the crew who arrived!

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The Swifties kept on screaming at every arrival of the Taylor Swift’s crew member! I am surprised that they know each of them by name! I almost got lost in the sea of young fans. It was fun, I feel like a certified Swiftie! I feel younger 🙂
Inside, we were joined by winner of the #TaylorSwiftviaAirAsia contest in Facebook and Twitter (which ranked among the trending topics worldwide for 6 days!).There are 30 winners and 5 thousand entries. They won premium items, VIP tickets and backstage passes for the Taylor Swift concert on June 6 (tomorrow!)

Grand Prize Winner
Ylyt Frixiah Yabut Manaig
She’s too cute and talented! Look at her Red Tour Airbus! Oh, and she’s wearing Keds shoes too! 🙂
Swifties from the Taylor Swift Philippines. Cool and lucky kids! Michelle Duran (President), Allonah Gacuitan, Arielle Inigo, and Jemeriah Cabrera. 
They are so lucky! This is really a once in a lifetime experience (hey, this is a once in a lifetime experience for me too!) 🙂 They were like stars earlier with our media friends endlessly taking their pictures. 

with the Swifties!
Lucky are the kids today, it is so easy to connect with people share the same interests.  I suddenly remember how I got to interact with some of the Blockheads when the New Kids on the Block had a concert here with Backstreet Boys! 😉
What’s inside the Taylor Swift Aircraft Livery?
Now, let’s get inside the plane!
Basically, you will see the same design for this special Taylor Swift Livery. But thinking it is the home of the Taylor Swift crew makes it extra special! The Airbus will be at the Domestic Airport Terminal 4 for 2 days, until Taylor flies to Singapore on June 9th. 

The Airbus A320 with exclusive livery featuring the seven-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift will soon fly across 22 countries servicing 88 destinations. What is the chance of riding this aircraft? Air Asia has 100 plus aircrafts, so we can all just wish for the universe to be nice to us!
The Air Asia Team is so nice – from the PR team, to the crew and FA’s! They let us in the cockpit! 
Thank you so much Air Asia for having me earlier! Thank you too for delighting the swifties! They are so lucky and I am sure more swifties are happy for having an aircraft specially designed and dedicated to Taylor Swift. 

In here, I took David Bowie (shirt) to meet Taylor Swift Livery 🙂
You want see how the Taylor Swift Livery was painted and prepared? Check out:

PS. I missed the Oishi Smart C event launching Kathryn Bernardo as the newest (and the only girl) brand ambassador. 🙁 I still love yeow Kathryn! 

Air Asia Zest is a low cost carrier based in Philippines that flies hand in hand with Air Asia, voted as World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for 5 consecutive years. 
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