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Nice Day Coffee

August 19, 2014

It didn’t occur to me that “lifestyle change” can be so dreadful until you are faced with it. I now understand why some people do a quick backslide. Lifestyle change seems to me like a rough decision if you force yourself to it. It may be painful like when you force yourself to sleep or fall for someone.

For me, it was a collected change. Something that is continuously happening, everyday of my life. An easy change that it sometimes surprises me when the end goal just hit me on the head. Very much like when I realized that I have finally quit smoking. I never told myself this would be the one last stick I would take. I just think I don’t need it, and I stayed away from it. I just stopped. The inaccessibility of (evil) things helped me in some way. Ironically, the same inaccessibility of good things might make it hard for us to support the lifestyle change that we are aiming for.
I wish that more products, brands and stores/shops can incorporate good ingredients/products/substance to their existing products so lifestyle change can easily be achieved without the need for us to fully deviate from the things that we are used to using and patronizing. 
Nice Day Coffee made me excited over their variants! I love coffee and this is one thing I cannot give up (I have actually gave up the fancy coffee that are too costly and sweet).First thoughts were: I can meet my goal (of cutting down on fats and cleansing body) but still get to enjoy cup of coffee.

Nice Day Coffee has 3 new variants – Cleanse, Slim and White. I am particularly drawn to Cleanse and Slim variants. Although I am not very much interested at getting whiter, I wouldn’t mind taking a cup of Nice Day White Coffee. Having fairer and whiter skin is a good after-effect after all.

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I first tried the Nice Day Cleanse Coffee, a 10-in-1 variant with extracts from Ganoderma (most nutritious mushroom), Grape Seed (aids improve blood circulation), Cranberry (safeguards kidney), Sylimarin (repairs and prevents damage to liver), Spirullina (possesses natural detoxifying functions), Goji Berry (rich in anti-aging properties), and Coco Sugar (natural sweetener). 
I was a bit skeptical to try this variant, or anything that has super ingredients and is marketed as “x in 1” drink. The first taste was pleasant. It tasted like your normal coffee. I noticed though that at my first cup, the following day, I have expelled much waste in the body. If this is the work of the Nice Day Coffee Cleanse Variant, I am drinking it everyday. 
I am thinking of drinking it alternately with the Nice Day Coffee Slim variant. This one is a 6-in-1 mix of CLA Fat Burner, L-Carnitine, Fiber and Sacrolose (adds sweetness but not additional calories). We have heard of these extracts before (usually in bottled juices), and I expect them to do the same wonders in a coffee mix.
The Nice Day White Coffee White variant is also an interesting mix of Gluthathione, Collagen and Sucralose. We all know how expensive gluthathione capsules and shots are, and this mix is a more affordable alternative to get a dose of this wonder ingredient for whiter skin. I am, however, more after the collagen to help with skin hydration. 
I wish that I would achieve my slim body back soon. The slim that I know has no bulging tummy and flappy arms. Maybe I should also start watching Ellen Adarna’s exercise videos? I heard Ellen has this banned Nice Day Coffee commercial. How lucky this girl is to have such beautiful body! She get paid for just simply being beautiful and being herself. Once I get my “old body” back, I would care less about how people think and just flaunt it. What do you say?
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