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All Filipino Breakfast at Heaven & Eggs

August 18, 2014

It is very rare that I agree on a meet-up which is scheduled in the morning. I am a lazy cat who enjoys extended hours on the bed, and having nice good cup of coffee at home. One fine Saturday, I woke up a little earlier than usual to meet with blogger friends I have not seen for a while. We had heaven and eggs!

Few months ago, we had nice dinner at Heaven and Eggs (read about it here), but the excitement of going back to the store was overpowering. I thought, I would never get tired of it. The same way that I would never get tired of Filipino food – and so we had All-Filipino breakfast.

It was a big joke when I say I would want to wake each day eating bacon strips and sausages. It can get pretty tiring (and fattening). I woke up each morning for 3 weeks having American food on the buffet table. On the second week, I skipped breakfast and dreamt of #tapsilog instead. The truth is, I am silently thanking Heaven and Eggs for offering Filipino Breakfast and keeping the Continental Breakfast in the menu. That gives us more choices whenever we visit.

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I super love the Angus Beef Tapa (Php 390) that is served with marinated angus beef, eggs, grilled tomatoes, homemade atsara and fried rice. It beats my mom’s tapa recipe (love you ‘nay!).

The Grilled Tocino (Php255) is a new revelation for me since they serve char-grille pork tocino. Still a good choice.

To complete the Silog family (rice + egg meal), there is of course Lovin Lucban Longganisa (Php 310) meal. I love that Heaven and Eggs serves Lucban Longganisa and not just any longganisa from the market. Not much of a longganisa-lover, but this meal does not disappoint. Make sure you ask for vinegar.

What I love most is the serving of salted egg and sliced tomatoes on the side. These are premium salted eggs too that are oily and dark. 

The Classic Manila Ribs (Php330) is a refreshing meal. I find it too Asian with a sweet barbeque sauce. 
Classic Manila Ribs Php 330

 For a heavier meal with true Western impact, try the Steak and Eggs (998). That’s 8 oz USDA rib-eye steak with eggs, hash brown and buttered corn kernels. This is really heavy and you might want to share it with a date, or take the UnliSteak instead for Php 799.

In the Philippines, we usually eat pancakes and waffles like desserts. Heaven and Eggs got them all covered with choices of fruit or chocolate flavored toppings. 
Double Chocolate Waffle
One of the simplest chocolate pancakes I have tasted.

Oreo Pancakes Php 195
I love the bits of crushed Oreo cookies.

Apple Cinnamon Pancake Php 185
The thin apple slices give a good balance to the cinnamon flavor. 
I am not a fan of cinnamon but I enjoy it when paired with apple.

Fruity Tootie Waffles Php 235
Too fancy I didn’t want to break it. Love the generous serving of kiwi fruit
and the slices of mangoes. Make sure you add a good dollop of whipped cream to
evens out the sweetness whenever you take a bite.
Over a heavy spread, we enjoyed good laughs and stories. Just pure fun and nice catch ups! It didn’t occur to me that fun times can also happen over breakfast dates? I thought a bottle of wine or strong alcohol is a must to consider a meet-up one for the books. Well, I forgot we had drinks that morning,  each of us ordered a glass of fresh lemonade. 🙂

Thank you friends, let’s do this again soon? 🙂
Breakfast? Sir John is waiting 🙂

Heaven and Eggs
Ground Floor, Glorietta 4, East Drive 
Ayala Center, Makati Center

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