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Eri Curry: Customize Your Japanese Curry Plate

September 12, 2014

A new Japanese restaurant called Eri Curry recently opened and joined the food strip in Mega Atrium. Eri Curry offers a different Japanese food experience that is sure to satisfy the curious appetite of Filipinos for Japanese food.

The secret is a delicious potion made by Chef Erica Bagang. A Filipina who grew up in Japan, and mastered a dish made by a popular Indian ingredient – curry. The Japanese reinvented the Japanese curry to suit their taste – mild and thicker. Erica gave the Japanese curry a Filipino twist, by adding a medley of spices.

The Eri Curry’s dining experience doesn’t start with a curry (it actually ends with a curry) – and starts with the unique way of choosing your own curry!

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Step 1: Choose Your Curry PlateThey have every meat you need – and even veggies! Katsu Curry is the bestseller. Or you can also have Thin Sliced Beef, Crunchy Squid, Shrimp or Mushroom.

Step 2: Choose Your Rice Portion
You are not truly Filipino if you don’t eat rice (and ask for extra rice!). You can choose from 200, 300 or 400 grams rice portion.
Step 3: Choose Your Spice Level
Just like your favorite video game, we have levels here. Just Right (a mild almost no hint of spice), Spice (with kick of heat) and Fiery (it would set you on fire!).
Step 4: Add Toppings
The good food doesn’t end with the main dish, add it with more meat. Choose from chicken, fried squid, think sliced pork or veggies like eggplant, asparagus and tomatoes.

 Here’s my friend’s Thin Sliced Beef Curry! It is literally swimming with curry sauce! The one that we usually enjoy with our fried chicken. I had a Katsu Curry (picture above). Although I am not a fan of curried dishes, I was #curriedaway with the unique flavor of thick curry that served like a thick soup in my rice. The meal is best enjoyed while served hot!

If you want to take a little break from the curry-land, you can have servings of Ebi Futo – a delicious shrimp maki with romaine lettuce and cucumber.

The Sakana Warm and Tender maki is a also a good treat. The fried crab sticks with teriyaki sauce is perfect with the crispy bite.
Depending on how much meat, rice and toppings you add on your meal, a Php300 budget per person is a safe amount to bring to enjoy the Eri Curry experience. The bestsellers are Beef Curry, Shrimp Curry, and Eggplant Curry. Enjoy a serving of best-selling Kagigori (shaved iced dessert with vanilla ice cream and azuki beans) after a good meal. Or have a fruit plate or banana split for a healthier dessert.
The restaurant’s ambiance is simple with earth-toned colors with touch of warm pink.
Some snapshots during the opening:
Of course you guys know Shen (of Shen’s Addiction)!
 Bring your friends and family to Eri Curry for a different Japanese food experience!
Thank you Eri Curry for having us!
Have you been #curriedaway by the Eri Curry?

Eri Curry
3F Mega Atrium
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

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