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That 90s Party #90sonNatGeo

September 19, 2014

This morning could have been a little more awesome, if not for the strong winds and rain that sounded like silent screams. I enjoyed my extended hours in the bed. Events were postponed and I had time to share more stories here.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days for me after I left the corporate world. I had meetings, and events scheduled in my calendar, but the most anticipated of all was the event scheduled at 9:00 PM – the launch of the 90s: The Decade that Connected Us that will run exclusively on National Geographic Channel.

Our friends threw a big 90s party were music from the era was played and drinks (courtesy of Hennessy) overflowed!

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I am a kid of the 90s, and I am proud of it. The 90s witnessed the evolution in music, movies and fashion. Interestingly, the 1990s saw a plethora of social and cultural events that rocked the world. Does anyone remember the Monica Liwensky scandal? How about when the Viagra was first introduced?  And the introduction of candy-colored personal computers?

The 90s: The Decade that Connected Us brings us back to the historical developments and cultural changes that showed how the world reacted to the reality of globalization, and slowly how human accepted it and connected us despite geographical and cultural differences.

Even up to know, the stories of the 90s connect the people. I remember when my friends and I would talk about the stories, TV shows and music that we once appreciated when we were kids – always the favorite topic that we never get tired of sharing. I remember having a lot of memories and memorabilia from the 90s. Some of them are good music, CDs, and albums which are selling high online even On Sale .

The party was fun and loud – but we (Rodel, Jeman and I) decided to stay outside the hall and watch the show. The series uses memorable video footages from the 90s to recal the spirit of the decade along with 120 original interviews with the unsung heroes behind the riveting events as well as well-known personalities from the fields of technology, politics and entertainment.
We have seen some interesting stories that we felt we have missed in the 90s (probably we were too busy with elementary crushes!).
The show would feature Courtney Love, Arsenio Hall, Vanilla Ice (yeah! Vanilla Ice!), Jerry Springer, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Connie Chng and Dan Rather as the storytellers of the past.
I am not giving away everything here.. you have to tune in and travel back to the past and re-live the 90’s – truly the decade that connected us.
Some snapshots from the party hall..


I partied with Joey Tribbiani! Haha. He’s my favorite Friends star and Phoebe too! Had a great time with blogger friends and loves – Nixon and Tricia!

Catch The 90s: The Decade that Connected Us every Thursday at 9PM, beginning September 18 only on the National Geographic Channel.

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