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Live Life Right with Veloci

November 14, 2014

I wanted to start this entry with a quote (I would sound so insightful!), or just with a gazillion exclamation points!!!!  (because I am just way too excited to share the story!)

It is another watch story from yours truly.. but before I laid the plot and flood this post with pictures, I have to ask how do you love wasting your time?

They say a time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time. Some people may live for speed, while others live slow enough to savor each moment. At times, I live for speed – always making each day meaningful and as productive as I can, and there are days I chose to laze around.

In the recent event hosted by Veloci, I have learned to live life by a second – as in grabbing each moment and making the most of it. I have personally learned how one second could change your life and could mean missing a great opportunity (now, that sounds deep.. :))

Veloci is an Italian-inspired watch brand which is known for its signature interchangeable strap watches. I am quite surprised to find out that it is a local brand. There is so much luxe and style in the design that each Veloci watch carries that makes it comparable to other luxury watches from European countries.

What’s even more surprising is the price range. Click Read More to know more of Veloci and where to buy them..

Veloci carries different collections – from Aeronate which is perfect for those who are up for adventure, Voyager, seafaring timepieces and defines depths with daring dial, to Cruise, a timepiece that matches a slow and relaxed pace, and Veloci’s very popular customizable Nato straps.

Joining the roster of the collection is the Metro Collection with its yummy flourescent colors for its sleek, restrained face. The analog timepece is best seen glinting under strobe lights. It is a statement of its own. I cannot choose which one is my favorite. The simplest black and white piece is so elegant and the most sleek casual watch I have seen.

For the active and enjoys the game of life, check out the Pulse Collection. At first sight, I thought it is your normal digital watch, but look closely and check the six specialty styles. 


The Pulse pieces comes with built-in stopwatch, alarm mode, illuminator, date display, fuss free ruber strap, and water pressure limit of up to 100 meters
Have you looked closely at the one below? 
Check out that it is both analog and digital watch! Awesome!

Veloci showed us how important each second of our life is through a puzzle game! We were given a watch design and the first 5 to complete the puzzle would get the chance to pick a watch of their choice!

Just a mili-second after I raised my hand, Mother Ruth Floresca (on my side) also raised hers, and two more – and more. Glad that I was third to raise and yes, I won! I could have lost it by a second!

We were ready to go down to visit the new Veloci kiosk in SM Mall of Asia when I jokingly asked for “more games!”. Guess what, the Veloci team gamely said yes, and another round of puzzle game was rolled. But there was a twist in a game, the next 5 should tell why they need a Veloci watch 🙂

Hey Paul 🙂

Then finally, time to visit the kiosk and choose our watches! Wow, I never realized it was that hard to choose – there are so many nice designs! Okay, we kind of made a scene that afternoon, but it was fun because we got the other mallrats curious and they also bought their own! I couldn’t blame them because Veloci watches start at Php 1,500 to only Php 5,500!


After checking all the pieces and designs, I have finally decided on the two watches (will post what I got in Instagram! @ruthilicious). I personally go for the aesthetic and design so I was really torn. Thankfully, #TitaniumTime was kind enough to educate me about sports watches. I realized that I didn’t have a sports watch (simply because I don’t do sports! Haha)

After the event, it kind of makes me think of the times I missed something by a second – a train, a bus, a game.. another reminder that tells us, time is precious.

If you are looking for a holiday gift, you may check out Veloci Kiosk at the Ground Level of SM Mall of Asia, SM San Lazaro, SM Pampanga, SM Clark, SM Manila and SM Fairview. You may also check L Time Studio and Asprey Boutiques.

Do you live life by a second?
What do you think of Veloci watches?

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