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My Personalized iPad Case from HiCustom Design Lab

November 12, 2014

Just when I am no longer using my iPad (because I have a new Yoga tablet!), this personalized iPad Hard Case came in my doorstep..

Okay, it didn’t actually fell from the sky and landed on my doorstep because I had to pick it up from the post office and pay additional handling fee.

Can you see what’s peaking on the pack? Yes, that looks so familiar.. and yes, you are seeing double legs.

Before the big reveal, I want to share the real story..

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What actually landed on my inbox is an invitation from the HiCustom team to try out their products and services. The business is simple and straightforward, you design t-shirt and phone accessories, they print and ship it. HiCustom is based in Xiamen, China.

I was thinking of getting a personalized t-shirt but I honestly feel really awkward wearing a shirt with my blog or website. But I did play around with the site.

It is actually very easy to design your own shirt (or mug, or case) – there are available designs, plus, you can even add your own text 🙂

If you feel that your muse has left you.. you can find inspiration from the IDEA tab
As for me, I decided on a simple white iPad Case with my logo 🙂
I love that you can select your own picture with no additional fee. 🙂
I just added the item in my basket, and after a month, I received the claim card from the post office.
 And here’s what I got.. Can you see what’s in there?
Oh yeah, those legs!
 Woot! Woot!
It is like your typical iPad Hard Case

The case material is smooth, matte-like and the actual print (back side) is protected with a plastic – glass-like  material. it is not a typical sticker that can easily sticks out or rubs off.
 I noticed though that there is a bump at the lower right side of the print, probably air stuck inside (?)
Looks like my iPad is ready to embrace the new cover..
It fits perfectly and molds just right with the buttons and speakers..

It looks neat! 🙂

What do you think? 🙂
What I love about the HiCustom?
♥ I love that the site allows you to customize your own print
♥ User-friendly site and interface
♥ Product itself is of good-quality including the print!
♥ The print color is vivid and not pixelized
♥ The site will alert you if your design or text is situated in a curve or outside the product border
♥ The site is based in China (oh, I hope they don’t allow child labor in HiCustom!) but ships in the Philippines
♥  Have I mentioned you get $10 discount when you sign up?!?!!
The case is worth $27 (and shipping is only $5). I know there are other printing businesses in Manila that offers personalized prints, but HiCustom is highly recommended for those who want to send gifts to loved ones as HiCustom design lab ships worldwide.
I am not used to using iPad with such hard case so I might use it together with this
What do you think of this new online design lab?
Do you own any personalized item?
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