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Olay Conversations with Kathryn Bernardo

November 11, 2014

Do you always give your most beautiful or #bestbeautiful in every picture, or even the simplest one like your ID?

I am guilty, I don’t. I looked horrible in my Voter’s ID and I cared less about my make-up (or lack of it) when I renewed my passport. In my most recent trip, I didn’t even care that I didn’t have make-up on – and I regret it.

Olay did a simple experiment and gave women near the government office a simple makeover using the new Olay Pore Minimizing CC Cream. The easy step gave women a new confidence, beautifully radiant for the camera.

Truly, Olay empowers women to be their #BestBeautiful starting with the simplest things – like that of ID photo. The third season of the Olay Conversation, hosted by Boy Abunda, aims to empower women to be their #BestBeautiful by sharing the stories of three more inspiring women: KC Concepcion, Kathryn Bernardo and renowned designer, Bea Valdes. These women may come from different fields, but they have one thing in common, they don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Earlier at the Blue Leaf Pavilion, Boy Abunda shared how he defined a #BestBeautiful woman:

“An empowered woman who knows she has the right to be best beautiful..
She knows her worth and her world.”

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Kathryn and Bea joined us in the event and shared more about their experiences and what made them feel the #BestBeautiful. Unfortunately, KC Concepcion cannot join the event because of her grandma’s passing (condolences KC).

KC Concepcion

It may be hard for someone like KC to grow up on spotlight with superstar parents. She struggled to make a name for herself and she used the criticism as a constructive tool to help her better her craft. Now, KC is making a big name and receiving awards for her work in the film.

Kathryn Bernardo


Can I just say first how much I loooove Kathryn? I am one of those crazy KathNiel fans who gets so kilig whenever I see the two together (thank you to Youtube videos!). Even if I adore Daniel, I cannot just hate Kathryn because she is just grounded and she’s aware that she has to live up to the title and be a good model for the youth.

Her story is admirable, starting as an extra to TV child star to movie star. In her interview, she recounted how she experienced countless rejections that made her stronger. She continuously improves herself by taking voice lessons and doing different things. She feels the #BestBeautiful whenever she shares her talent and people appreciate.

(If you are a KathNiel, watch out because DJ and Kathryn are cooking a new TV series and movie!)

Bea Valdes

Why do accessories designer always look so spunky and pretty? Internationally acclaimed, accessories designer, Bea Valdes is one of them. She took her family’s background in fine jewelry trading and made it her own by studying interior design. For Bea, she felt the #BestBeautiful when she challenges herself to keep on improving.


So much love, passion, encouragement and empowerment tonight! Olay believes that women deserve the best and support them in their journey to be the best version of themselves.

Thank you Olay!
with loves – Kath Rivera, Rochelle Rivera and Earth Rullan 🙂
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