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My Ultralipo Experience at Zen Institute

November 3, 2014

It is Monday once again and just like in the previous Mondays, I’d tell myself that today is the start of a serious workout and diet plan. I would no longer eat too much salty and sweet. I would take exercise seriously. Oh, what a great (battle) plan.

But, come Tuesday, I would be back in my old lifestyle – thinking that there would always be Mondays.

I wish I could just stay skinny thin like I was when I was younger. It didn’t occur to me that getting flat abs involves so much work and discipline (because I thought I would always have flat abs! My world is a big lie). And because I am lazy to stretch muscles and I cannot do a simple plank for more than 1 minute, I decided to go to an easier and painless procedure to burn fat –  Ultralipo.

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What is Ultralipo?

Ultralipo is a soothing massage-like procedure that uses ultrasound cavitation techniques to remove water content from fat cells and induce lymphatic drainage. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that lasts for 15 minutes. I had my first session at Zen Institute.

The Ultralipo Procedure

The procedure is very simple (relaxing) with no downtime. I just lie down for 15 minutes. They put a cooling gel in my tummy and pressed a hand-held machine that sends ultrasonic waves in the skin and burns fat. The fat is then turned into liquid which one removes in a natural way.

During the process, I felt the itchy feeling in my skin (the same itch I felt when I first had water spa) – they say the fat is being shaken and burnt. I also heard squeaky sound waves (the doctor said I was the only one who can hear it).

Ultralipo Result

There is no downtime for the Ultralopo procedure but I was advised not to eat for an hour, and to not take cold drinks and food for 6 hours. I was expecting to urinate more frequently (my friends know how frequent I use the toilet to pee!) but didn’t experience change in my toilet visit.

After the procedure 🙂 

I know I would get an instant 24-inch waistline after the procedure but I am hopeful I will see a flatter stomach after some sessions (recommendation is 5 sessions, once every week). So, I bought 5 additional sessions and here’s to hoping a slimmer me after a month!

Ultralipo Price per Session 
Pho 5,000/ session

Will keep you posted on this journey 🙂

I just want to show you around the Zen Institute Medical Spa Clinic in Quezon Avenue..

Have you tried Ultralipo?
What do you think of this procedure?
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