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Part 1: Staycation at Widus Hotel

December 22, 2014

I want to think I am a simple person with such simple joys. Believe it or not, I consider sleeping 8 hours at night a luxury. I may have wished for a travel or trip outside the country (but the truth is, I don’t usually sleep well whenever I am out of the country – because I want to make the most out of my stay!) – with that said, I would choose a nice hotel staycation over a trip in an exotic country if I really want rest and relaxation.

My wish was granted last week! 
A short drive from North EDSA to Clark, Pampanga, we were welcomed in a beautiful casino hotel – Widus Hotel (pronounced as “with us”).

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We arrived at around 6:30 pm (ah, it was crazy traffic from Makati to NLEX) – but going to Widus is only an hour drive. Widus Hotel being known as a casino hotel has so much more to offer. I was thnking, I am not a gamer and what a girl to do in a casino hotel? Widus got me covered.
Fall in love with this view. I took these amazing shots in the morning. Wondering how my bedroom looks like? Keep scrolling down! 
Widus Hotel Deluxe Bedroom

The Widus Hotel room is like any other hotel room with the same layout and same facilities. But what makes it extra special? The printed welcome note laid on the bed. The kind that you would only expect from a special suite. 
I love the glass wall in the bathroom that allows easy TV viewing even when using the toilet. I have this thing about hotel rooms – I love staying at traditional Victorian style room. Botique hotels kind of give me a different feel. There is always something relaxing about old Victorian style room. Just my thing 🙂
Thankfully, Widus Hotel is able to combine the Victorian mood and elegant boutique design in their rooms. I especially love the patio!
The Widus Hotel Room has everything a guest need –
one would just need to come and check in. 
Toiletries – check
Wifi Connection – check
Hot and Cold Shower – check
The next question is.. what’s for eats?
Chef prepared a lovely dinner for us!
But getting in to the Salt Restaurant was such a tease.
Look at these lovely scenes around the hotel..
Then comes dinner!
Every dish that was served to us was a great surprise! My favorite is the Truffled Ravioli! I wish I could have asked for a second serving. But we were served next with Watermelon Salad. Oh, how much I love Feta Cheese! I enjoyed blocks and blocks of it that night while sipping some fine red wine.
The Deconstructed Beef Noodles was extra special. We all have to ask how to enjoy this dish. Chef said that we could enjoy it which ever way we like it. I first tried tasting each – and finally..
 Mixing them all in the special bowl!

By the time the main dish was served, I was already feeling full.
But I wouldn’t say No to a dessert! 
Can you imagine how much we gained from the spread? We would need a little exercise and we took the chance to tour the hotel. We first check out the Casino (rules apply – no picture taking). The third tower is where function rooms are housed. There are different function rooms for different clients’ needs. You can host your weddings, meetings and parties in Widus Hotel, Clark Pampanga. 
The night was young and we thought we could spend the night partying! 
What a life! I didn’t need to worry about traffic or getting home safe from a party.
Beside the Salt Restaurant is Prism Lounge and Bar. 
It offers live entertainment with really amazing band performing that night!
It has good selection of drinks from beers, cocktails and wine. 
The food is equally good too! Must-try the sisig!
I was craving for a chilled mug of Guinness Beer that night, but unfortunately, it was not available. 
We went back to our room at around 1:30 am, and we all agreed to try the pool in the morning.. 

To be continued…
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