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Part 2: Lovely Staycation at Widus Casino Hotel, Clark Pampanga

December 22, 2014

I always get paranoid whenever I sleep in a hotel room – the horror of oversleeping – missing the flight, missing the tour, or missing the check out time! Although it never happened to me yet, I always play safe and request for a wake-up call. Have you checked Part 1 of my Staycation story?

I had a good sleep at Widus Hotel, Clark Pampanga. It is not always the same feeling whenever I stay in a hotel. I remember requesting to have my room changed in Holiday Inn because I didn’t like the lights and the ambiance of the room. When I was in Malaysia, I find the room set-up a bit weird and I didn’t get to sleep well. When I was in London.. well, I didn’t even feel my room then because I was always out! Haha. 
Anyway, Widus Hotel took the wake-up call seriously. I received two calls – 1 is pre-recorded and the other one is from the concierge. They probably knew I was still in my bed after the first call and wishing to extend my sleep for another 5 minutes. But the hotel and the sun was so beautiful that day, I didn’t want to waste the day.
I took my usual stretch and yoga in the room. Spacious room – I could even jog inside! 
Then off for the big breakfast!
I was planning for heavy breakfast that day, but I kind of still feeling full from the heavy dinner we had. I took a quick tour of the Salt Restaurant for the breakfast offering – there are usual breads, continental breakfast offerings of chipolata sausages, bacon, eggs – there’s french toasts, fruit platters, cereals and the noodle bar.
I have decided on French Toasts, Baked Bacon, Sausages and Eggs
I declared that Widus Hotel – Salt Restaurant has the the best Baked Bacon offering from the breakfast spread! I would never get tired of eating bacon! But the sad truth, not all hotels offer the best bacon strips in their breakfast offerings. There are only a few of them. One that is on top of my list is the Holiday Inn, Markham. But Widus Hotel would come first in the Philippines for me 🙂

 I decided to stay outside where Mommy Pehpot and her family was having breakfast. 
I wonder if rich people would ever get tired of this view everytime they have breakfast in their private resorts? As for the simple woman that I am, it was luxury! I could only wish I was sharing breakfast with my family. 
We originally planned to visit some tourist spots in Clark, Pampanga – like the Nayong Pilipino and Dinosaur Island, but we all decided to stay in the hotel and enjoy the pool. Well, at least the view. Because it was the time of the month, and I didn’t want to turn the blue pool into a red sea. 

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But what makes the staycation a lot more fun? 
Bring friends as crazy as you are! Thank you Earth and Rodel for the fun time and crazy pictures!
Failed jump shot!
Before we left, we had a lovely lunch at the Salt Restaurant.
You can see from the spread below that we had different food from different cuisines. Salt offers Korean, Chinese, American, Italian and Filipino food. I especially love the Crispy Pata (super crunchy skin! Most restaurants claim good Crispy Pata but only a few can perfect it! A rarity!). The Strawberry Shake was recommended to me by my friend in Facebook and I had to order and it is so refreshingly good. I seldom order shakes (I am a water person) but this one is a good choice.

We were all wishing for an extended stay – but we needed to go back to our daily routine. It was a short and sweet stay at Widus Casino Hotel. 

Will I recommend Widus Hotel?
A Big YES!
I actually want to bring my family on my next visit. 
 ♥I super love the drive along NLEX. It so much reminds me of the roads abroad where you see is just lush green and trees. On our way to the hotel, it already gives you a relaxing feeling – and arriving in Widus Hotel would totally push you to turn on the vacation mode. 
 ♥Widus Hotel is just an hour drive from North EDSA.
 ♥The hotel is clean and well maintained. Who would have thought it has been operational for years?
 ♥WIFI connectivity is fast and reliable.
 ♥I love the feeling of privacy in the hotel. There are different towers where different rooms are housed. 
 ♥You wouldn’t feel the need to go outside because the hotel has everything you need – good food, entertainment, pool, gym, spa (oh we missed) – including sanitary napkin (there’s a Sundry Shop at Tower 1)!
 ♥The hotel ving-card automatically deactivates after 12pm the following day – a great reminder that you need to check out on time. If you are extending your stay, you can request for it to reactivate. 
 ♥ Duty Free Clark is just around the corner – which is great! I hoarded Combos Pizza! Haha
Thank you so much Widus Hotel and Campaigns PR (Mother Henn, Rico and Sir Lui – you guys are fun and awesome!) for having me!
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Widus Hotel and Casino
5400 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
Telephone Number: (+63 45) 499 1000 Trunkline: (+632) 584 4091 Fax Number: (+6345) 499.0979

Unit 2311 Cityland Herrera Tower, 98 V.A Rufino corner Valero St, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone Number: (+632) 840.1430 Fax Number: (+632) 840.1429
Twitter: @widusclark

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