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Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream: Wickedly Delicious Flavors!

December 24, 2014

The truth is, I am not an ice cream person. I do not buy ice cream whenever I am out in a theme park  (like most people do). I prefer a slice of cake over ice cream for dessert. I do not get excited at the sight of ice cream. I do eat ice cream but I rarely crave for it. I actually cannot remember the time I ever craved for an ice cream. Let’s just say, I love ice cream when mixed with another food 🙂 Like this Funnel Cake from Canada Wonderland.

But (here’s the clincher) this gift from Merry Moo changed everything.

It seems like Merry Moo knew my relationship with ice cream – and the people behind this artisan ice cream brand thought of converting me in to an ice cream addict.

I first tasted Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream during the Ultimate Taste Test 6 (and I included it in my Top 10 List!). But for some reason, its creamy charm didn’t work the spell on me. I thought maybe a taste of Sea Salt Caramel would change the game.

Thankfully, the gift they sent me came with a tub of Sea Salt Caramel – and lots of other wicked flavors of ice cream – Strawberry Basil, White Chocolate Green Tea and Scandalously Chocolate. To make the ice cream experience more fun for me, they even included bottles of mallows and chocolate pearls.

Too cute!!!!
People might have been used to the usual ice cream flavors of vanilla, chocolate and cheese. Merry Moo gives a little twist and innovative approach in ice cream flavors that playfully lingers in one’s palate. Some are totally out-of-this-world. I heard the man behind Merry Moo even tried adding pork jerky and hoisin sauce in the ice cream!
The man is totally thinking out of the box pint! His name is Kelvin Ngo who first thought of offering fun, fresh and delicious ice cream after his visit in an ice cream parlor in Singapore which offers really interesting flavors. He experimented with different flavors, ingredients and techniques. In 2010, Merry Moo was born. 
The awesome products and flavors of his ice cream journey was presented to me at home! I first tried the Strawberry Basil.  I love strawberry and basil (for my pasta), but I was not sure if I was ready for this kind of herb-y indulgence. What I noticed about my first scoop of Merry Moo ice cream is – it is creamy and thick. When I tasted the Strawberry Basil – it reminds me of a pasta sauce. It is indeed refreshing but it leaves a hint of basil taste that reminds me of pasta. I am not sure if I like it but my mom does love it!

White Chocolate Green Tea is another fun flavor from Merry Moo. I love the rich green color. It reminds me a lot of an avocado dessert that mom makes when the fruit is in season (avocado slices + milk + sugar). Have a taste of it and imagine avocado, your senses would give you such flavor. Ah, like magic! It gives a rough, grainy feel in my mouth though but overall it is a great way to enjoy green tea and white chocolate. 

Coming up next.. my favorite! Merry Moo’s bestseller – Sea Salt Caramel !!!
Merry Moo’s Sea Salt Caramel is a special kind because it is alot creamier and smooth in the palate. The Sea Salt flavor kicks just right giving a balanced tone with the caramel. 
I enjoyed it with my coffee and Banana Que prepared by my brother! Yum!
I don’t know if I was feeling hot that morning, or the ice cream melts quicker than other brands. Anyway, last on my table was the Scandalously Chocolate. I wanted to steer away from the usual chocolate ice cream. They used to taste really awesome when you were younger, but when you tried different chocolate concoctions, your palate becomes much more discerning. But I am not judging this Scandalously Chocolate flavor from Merry Moo just yet. Look at that rich chocolate dark color. 
It looked so deep and rich, I had to sprinkle some mallows to tone the color down. When I tasted it, OMG – it is the deepest, darkest and scandalously delicious chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted! I couldn’t stop eating!!! 
Hands down (scoops up!). Merry Moo makes fun and delicious ice cream flavors that excite both sophisticated and easy-to-please palates. For the first time, I craved for ice cream (Sea Salt Caramel and Scandalously Chocolate please!). 
Thank you so much Merry Moo for the scandalously delicious ice cream experience!
Have yourself a Merry Moo Holiday and share the ice cream love with the udders 🙂 
Share your Merry Moo ice cream experience with hashtags: #theMootheMerrier 

Wondering where to get your Merry Moo Ice Cream fix?
Now I am curious and wanted to taste the other flavors!
What is your favorite from Merry Moo Ice Cream?

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream

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