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I Don’t Believe in Santa, But I Believe in Lenovo ♥

December 24, 2014

Imagine me jumping and looking all giddy when this package from Lenovo finally arrived last Saturday morning!

The package came all the way from Lenovo US but FEDEX does know how to spoil the thrill – and they sent me a notification regarding taxes and custom fees – and description of the package before delivery (so I already knew what’s inside before I even did the unboxing).

BUT, that didn’t stop me from making this special video to share with you the fun of unboxing a gift! Well, actually, I remained muted while doing this video – but you should imagine me (and my eyes) smiling as I finally unearthed what’s inside the box!

I did the unboxing yesterday morning (Tuesday) – and yes, I let 3 days passed without touching the box because I know I would be distracted as soon as I get my hands of the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro laptop! (oh hey, yes, I got a new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro laptop!) I made sure I am halfway done with the things I need to do before unboxing it! Hehe.

Here you go, check out the video I created!

Must check-out:
The box of Lenovo and how it behaved when I opened it 🙂

So happy to be able to record this and even edited it with nice soundtrack. 🙂 I wish I have better camera and better lighting to do more awesome videos. (side story, I love music by Benga – the one featured here is Hitman).  Of course, I used my Lenovo Yoga laptop to create this video 🙂 I was supposed to record it via my #Yogatablet2Pro but its battery went dead after my endless movie nights.

You must have heard that I am giving away my other laptop – my Yoga 11 which was given to me last May. It is good as new and very much loved. 

I want to give it to someone who really deserves to own the Lenovo Yoga laptop. It is not a contest actually, but I want to get to know you more and know what you do (Lenovo afterall is #ForThoseWhoDo) If you want to own a Lenovo Yoga laptop, drop a comment and let me know why. 🙂

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro was launched in London (read my experience about the launch here) and is now available in the Philippines. It was launched together with the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (that tablet with projector!).

Find my tweet and IG post!

I know, I cannot stop talking about Lenovo. I love this brand even before they discovered my love for them. Haha. That sounds like a love story 🙂 But yes, we can say I have a lovely affair with Lenovo.

Anyway, it is the #BestGiftEver! Thank you Lenovo for supporting my passion and for letting me discover things. I am excited to discover new things and skills with this new laptop!

What makes it truly special is knowing that it came all the way from another geography to reach my doorstep    Now that beats the local brands in Manila by 90 points!

Please follow @lenovo (the awesome social media team interacts with the users and you would experience how this awesome brand talks to its customers) and hey, if you are a Lenovo fan too, give me a shout out! @ruthilicious

Want to buy and own discounted Lenovo products? Check out:

Thank you so much Lenovo!     

And hey dear reader, don’t forget to comment if you want to own my preloved Yoga Laptop 🙂 I want to get to know you more and the things that you do 🙂 

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