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Pole Cats Manila – My Pole Dancing Experience

December 20, 2014

Although MMDA warned the public of the heaviest traffic situation that was bound to happen yesterday, my faith was not shaken. I went out of my shell (literally) and braved the traffic to meet some of the amazing and fierce cats of Pole Cats Manila!

It was my first time to experience pole dancing (gazillion exclamation marks here please)! I have been so wanting to do it! I first met the Pole Cats Manila at 2011 Blogapalooza . We were given 1 Free Class but I missed it. After 3 years, finally (!!!) I stepped foot inside the Pole Cats studio in Strata, Ortigas (the place is familiar because that’s where I used to work). 

There was so much excitement inside me! I literally wanted to jump in the pole and unleash my inner diva! Hahaha. But before that… picture please.. the sexiest pose I could do before the class (you wait and see what I have become after the session!) Haha.

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We first started with warm up and stretching. Then, it was time to meet the pole..
We first tried making “friends” with the pole by walking around it and feeling it. The first move that was taught to us was the “Fireman”. It is the most basic move where you spin around the pole. It does look easy – and it is actually very easy to do. What makes pole dancing difficult? I think, it is letting go of your insecurities and worries. When our instructor showed us how it should be done, my initial thought was “what if I break my leg? my arms?”. 
But instead of burying myself with worries while holding the pole, I thought I would try it and do it, and trust my body – and I did!
I guess, the secret is listening and knowing your body. On our first try, they said we all did it well. Woot! We are good kittens! We then tried doing different variations – with legs up and pointing (it looks sexy).

 I posted this photo on instagram and captioned “The Making of a #DreamGirl”
Dream Girl is one of the more complex poses (at least for a beginner like us) to do. When the instructor mentioned the name, I said “okay, I want to be a Dream Girl!”
In a relationship, it was not easy to be one’s Dream Girl – I find it actually too wrong to aim to be a Dream Girl just to please your partner – especially if it makes you uneasy doing it. I guess it is the same for pole dancing. Doing the Dream Girl pose pushes my limits – but I thought I would do it not to please my pole, or to please the instructor – I want to do it for myself. Kat (being the athletic that she is) and Earth (having previously tried pole dancing) did the moves so smoothly, while I have to push myself up (literally) and hold my pose to strengthen my body and confidence. 
What I love about the PoleCats Manila are the fun instructors who help you do the pose and encourage you to do it. And you know you are doing well, when they started teaching more poses and moves – then came the Scissors! 
One of the better poses I have on my mobile phone! But I got to do one without hands with legs twisted in front (of course, with the help of the instructor) 🙂 
My arms and tights, and literally whole body was already aching but the PoleCats Team made the class much more fun and enduring! I thought, one really need to be fit to be able to do this. I had a hard time lifting myself! It makes me think of the wonderful PoleCats Manila performances and how strong and fierce each and every cat is! I want to be like them. 
Back to the lesson:
Fireman Pose and Spin – check
Dream Girl – check
Scissors – check
What’s up next? Oh, a dance performance! 
Wow, I felt like I was part of the PoleCats Manila performing for Araneta Coliseum (nope, make it Philippine Arena!) Let’s dream big and let’s go beyond our limits!
Watching the video now makes me so proud of myself! I have learned those moves in just 1 hour of pole dancing session! (oh and hey, did I mention I have my period? But I was able to move fluidly and smoothly with Whisper Sanitary Napkin:) I actually use a different brand, but I thought I would use Whisper to test its limits, and hey, I was able to pole dance with so much ease! I was fearless with Whisper!

Thank you so much PoleCats Manila and Whisper for letting me experience this!

Here are some tips for those who want to try Pole Dancing:

  • The less clothes, the better – it is advisable to wear really short shorts and tank top – they said, I was wearing a very conservative piece! Haha
  • Do not put lotion before the class.
  • Last meal should be 4 hours before the class.
  • Be confident and enjoy!
  • Go beyond the limits and know your body – rest when you feel like resting and ask help if you need to 🙂


It was funny that on my way home, I find every pole I saw so inviting that I wanted to jump on it and take a free spin! Haha. Today, I woke up with sore muscles and aching body (and a few bruises on my inner thighs) – my body aches like I was physically abused – with a pole, and I like it! Haha. Now I am seriously considering having a pole installed in my room!

Have you ever tried Pole Dancing?

PoleCats Manila
22 F Strata 100 Building
Ortigas Center
+63917-700-POLE (7653) for classes

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