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I Came, I Saw, I Blogged: What Happened in Blogapalooza and What Would Happen Next?

September 19, 2011

Straight from Friday shift, I went home and just took a bath then headed to the Fully Booked Store in Fort Bonifacio for the much anticipated Blogapalooza. We were actually scheduled to fly to Cebu that morning but I had made up my mind and convinced myself that Cebu can wait – I have to attend the Blogapalooza.

What is Blogapalooza?! It is an event wherein Bloggers and Businesses meet each other. The brilliant DJ Vince of When In Manila shared that he always get requests from businesses to have their products/services be featured in his blog,  since there are too many of them, he cannot accommodate, and thought of organizing Blogapalooza. So 150 “most influential” bloggers were invited after screening and 30 businesses presented what they got.

It was indeed fully booked at Fullybooked that morning. Lunch were served by Italiannis and refreshments were provided by Aquabest and Healthy First. I was not able to take the pic of the pasta, because the whole plate went straight in my mouth in less than 10 minutes.

The Healthy First Drinks offer different flavored juices. I tried to stay away from too much sugar but I have to taste this new drink. It is not pretentious – just look at the packaging. I can say it is good and refreshing! No wonder there had been shortage of these bottles during the event. Everyone enjoyed the drink!

Nice to have supply of clean water during the event. Who wouldn’t feel dehydrated with all the talking and socializing, and networking? Thank you Aqua Best!

Oh yes, we have to wear our name tags the whole duration of the event. I have this thing that I don’t want to wear name tags during events (especially during photo ops), but during the event, I had to keep it on so people would easily recognize me (I am no celeb blogger anyway), and everyone was so behaved that they obliged and wore their name tags. Plus, this was our ticket to the loot bag!

The program started and business representatives were only given 5 minutes to present their products. It was not a boring presentation like the typical lecture or seminar. Some were so creative from using Powerpoint presentation to even doing a little drama on their entrance, just like the Laser Xtreme Tag which even brought their laser guns in the event and Tripologie which did a fashion show stint of their products (and yes they raffled them off after presentation!)

Grand Entrance with Mission Impossible on the background music

The Tripologie Team

One of the products which really stood out is the Kameraman and I literally mean, cameraman. We can forget about photobooths with long lines and funky hats – Kameraman is here to roam around during your event and take your picture! Yes, complete with that logo or background of your choice. What is amazing is that it not only provides printed photos in an instant, but also cd which contains the photos and a photobook too! Yey! (yes, they are offering printed photobooks in which customer has the free will to lay out his/her photo. Check out my review here)

As soon as the machine was set-up, everyone went crazy!
How ironic, Kameraman should be taking the pics!
At work!

I am so proud and happy about this business. My friend works for Big K and I referred them to Blogapalooza – looks like they would have a very busy schedule after the event. It was also nice to meet Sir PJ who is the President and CEO of Kameraworld – and the brain of Kameraman.

Another product that really stood out, well, not actually the product but because of the presenter, was the Freestyle Ballers as presented by Nathan Flores. He’s only a student from University of Asia and the Pacific (funny how he asked the audience if we are familiar with the university!) but a certified entrepreneur. He shared that they wanted to come up with a business and at the same time come up with something that shows happiness, and good times for everyone. So tadah! The Freestyle Ballers are born. They offer not just watches, but slap bracelets too! What I love is they also do customized ballers for corporate give-aways or souvenir. Hmm.. I am thinking if I should order one with Ruthilicious design. Hehe.

The guy behind Freestyle Ballers

Thanks for the free watch! I have something to add on my collection!

Here are the other presenters:

Avira came in with umbrella which represents protection. 

Lay Bare made us feel like kids with its cute props during presentation.

360 Fitness Gym – alright the mommy bloggers are teasing me and urging me to hit the gym to meet the trainer! Arggh! Love their presentation though. Makes me want to join them onstage!

Galileo made me interested because I hate Math!!! They are offering new ways to solve problems and equations. I hope they will not mind if I show up in class without a kid. I wanted to learn those techniques!

Sorry wasn’t able to catch and take a pic of all the presenters because of all the intimidating DLSRs infront of me.

During break time, it was time to get to know the businesses who had took time to set up booths and present their products. – love online shopping and this one offers security to both sellers and buyers. They even request identifications from buyers before they can open an account. And hey, they sell Vibram shoes! Yeah boy!

 Memo, Regatta and For Me don’t need further marketing. You see the stores in malls and just know they offer clothes for everyone. Fab!

Lipton Iced Tea has this cute mug-type booth!

Wheat Grass – a good grass! Hehe. A blogger friend and I were just talking about Wheat Grass few days ago, and how it effectively detoxifies him. Thanks for the free sample, I should try it (on weekends!). They offer free blood analysis during the event.

Leslie’s offers new snacks. Farmer John and Wild Willy’s. After a small talk with Ms. Joy Logico, I found out the products are all imported and repacked by Leslie’s. I was actually amazed at how classy and intimidating the packagings are, if not for the Leslie’s logo, I would think they would cost alot!

Phiten! They don’t just offer wonder bracelets and necklaces. I thought these were some sort of body-shaper like Spanx, but nope, they work much wonders than Spanx! They are designed to ease back pain (for too much blogging?) I tried some belts on, and I looked like a featherweight champion! 🙂

I was teasing the Certified Foodies at how big the site is now, and told them they should get a van with Certified Foodies printed on it!

What is breaktime without food? Here comes Sir JR Dela Paz and showed us that Size Does Matter.

He and his team served us what they got – and I mean, burgers and footlongs! Had a quick chat with him and he said they even brought the grills to ensure what they served were fresh, hot-off-the grill!

Bloggers gone crazy over sausage burgers!

Big, big bite!!!

Size does matter and diameter too! 🙂

More presenters went up the stage, and we encountered not just a presenter but a performer – Choi Gonzales of Creati-Voices. He asked us to close our eyes, and we imagined a scene with a boy, a grandpa and Captain something! I feel like listening to an AM drama station – and was amazed that there was only one voice producing the voice of a kid, lolo, kapre, and superhero – add the kabooms and the kapows! Choi is the voice behind the Bibo Hotdog commercial. My mom told me to pursue this voice talent thing (ok, I am confused now, should I model? or write? or move forward in my career?!). I would absolutely use the GC I got from Creati-Voices!

Another performance that got our body and blood working was the exhibition by one of Pole Cats residents.

We were free to try the pole, but I was so scared not that I might break the pole, but my bones! I would just use the GC and prepare for the class. Been wanting to try it but I just don’t find the time – but now I am compelled. And I am sure my favorite guy in the world would be too excited! *evil grin*

Since we are talking about pole dancing, it equates to sexiness. Here comes the Boudoir Dolls with DJ Shayla Sanchez (I find her really cute with spunk and style!). They went up on stage with sexy lingerie and even DJ Shayla in nice lace stockings. They offer classy photography for women, and sorry to disappoint the guys – it is not FHM/Playboy-like poses they specialize on. I like! Like! Like! Been wanting to do a nude photo of myself (please just keep your reactions to yourselves! Hehe) and just what they say, to immortalize the beauty; but I thought not a lot of photo studios are experts on this so I always dismiss the idea. I think I found the perfect contact 😉

Okay, I had been blogging for two hours and I am still excited over the stuff I got from the event. Please expect alot of blog posts from me featuring the products and services from the businesses featured in Blogapalooza. The businesses which gave away GCs so we could try out their services would be featured in the next month. I have to block my schedule. Just want to share this cute Spa-Etiquette shared to us by

I wish I could have recorded the whole video. Got too amused and totally forgot to cover it!

Last but not the least, HTC Philippines showed us its latest phones and literally dropped and scratched the HTC phone just to make us feel nervous and excited!

 I don’t want to make you feel envious or jealous, but here are the bags and goodies I brought home after the event.

Who says grass is bad for one’s health? Wheat Grass – I plan to use during weekends to detoxify. I have been hearing good reviews and I want to take part with the ravers. 

Lipton Tea needs no introduction. It is the stample tea of restaurants and hotels. I can sip a good cup after a tiring day. We can get designer teas at home. Thanks for the recipes.
 Beauty products!!! Thank you to For Me, Oryspa (love the packaging! Looks expensive!), Human Nature (my favorite is the Bugs Spray! which I always bring when traveling), Lay Bare (love how they presented the benefits of waxing!), Aesthetic Science Clinic for the whitening soap (no rep during the event 🙁 ), SPArkle

Fashion Art or FART (such a catchy name! thanks for the tip!) for the nice pouch and Memo for the wallet. I can use it to keep my money I would save from blogging. Kidding!
Love this slap watch from Freestyle Ballers! I can use this and time myself how many hours I spend in blogging. Love the color I got!

If I am feeling stressed and needs to re-energize, this Phiten bracelet would do wonders! I need it! Thank you! Wish this could transform me into Ms. Wonderwoman!

This is one of my favorites! Treehugger gives us the opportunity to save the environment. A little act of kindness which makes a lot of difference. I can use this when attending events and jotting down important notes. (But actually they look so nice I don’t want to use them!) Hehe. Thank you! Follow them at Twitter @TreehuggerWorld
This nice polo shirt makes a good boyfriend shirt! My mom who is a dressmaker is impressed with the quality of the make (she is so hard to please, when it comes to RTWs!). This one can be paired with cute shorts and I can probably wear in the next Blogapalooza event? 

 Bottled Umbrella from HTC ( I can use while Cha-cha-ing under the rain!), Sports Bottle and Pen from Aqua Best, Software Installer from Big K Imaging,  Mouse pad from, Keychain from Chana, and Bag Tag from Delsey. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
And GCs and vouchers from 360 Fitness Club, Avira, PoleCats Manila, Tripologie, Galileo, Jap-OK, Papa John’s, Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel, Creati-Voices, Lay Bare, Xtreme Laser Tag (we would compete next Sat with our team in the office! So glad I got GCs and would get to play again and again!), and Sparkle

My mom’s reaction when she saw this – Take care of your kidney, you might get kidney stones! The next thing I know, she was the one opening the Leslie’s plastic bag and curious about what’s inside! I can munch on this while I enjoy reading blog posts about Blogapalooza.. (like after this blog post!).
If I am feeling hungry when I am blogging – Size Matters would save me! What I love is that it is partnered with City Delivery for delivery! Quick chat with JR, I asked about the products if they are ordered from some other part of the world, he said that they formulated the best patty and always serve the freshest ones. Took them years to come up with flavors. I love the Hungarian Sausage Burger! Really cheap at Php125 (with option to add egg, bacon, caramelized onions or cheese!).

What have I got aside from GCs, freebies and tokens?
Contacts! I was not able to talk to some of the presenters because was so busy getting to know each other. If you want to get to know the featured business more, stay tuned in my blog or contact me to get their contact information.

Also brought home good memories! And this nice pictures from Kameraman! I was actually teasing Mr. Kameraman himself that afternoon, telling him he would be famous and his face would show up in 150 blogs/sites in the Philippines! Woot!

Special thanks to my friend, Joan for making my business card and delivering it on time. I met up with her that morning to get the business card. She does accept orders and the cards are of high quality. Previously I used the one which is somewhat water-proof. My business card is back-to-back (maarte lang) 😉 That would also be the birth of my new logo and blog template. 

For your reference, here is the list of presenters that afternoon:

Avira Antivirus
Lay Bare Waxing Salon
360 Degrees
Human Nature
Matabungkay Resort
Gallileo Enrichment Learning Program
Sofitel Hotel
Easy Pha-max
FART (Fashion Art)
Lazer Xtreme
Freestyle Ballers 
Budoir Dolls
Healthy First
Sparkle Spa
Size Matters
Golden ABC (Regatta, Memo, Forme)
Beyond Beauty
Leslie’s (Farmer John Premium Potato Chips)
Polecats Manila
Focus Ventures
Blue Water Day Spa

I hope I didn’t miss a brand. I can just check the loot bag and check out the products and services.

Thanks to WhenInManila and Blogapalooza organizers! It was fun! No bad comments! Love that wall with all the blog sites of bloggers, the food is good, and the distribution of loot bags is really organized! Congratulations to the winners of the raffle! My magic didn’t work that afternoon.

Was indeed fully booked at Fully Booked! 
Now I am eyeing this site to be the venue for our corporate event.. Hmmm…

See more of events pictures here.

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