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Ellen Adarna for NutriRite Cereal Drink + Her Secrets to Getting Sexy, Fit Body

March 2, 2015

Summer is here.. and I feel somewhat unexcited about bikinis and beaches.

I failed to stay focused on working on my body last winter cold season. But I know I am not a hopeless case, because the newest instant cereal drink that’s low fat and flavorful is now here in the Philippines – NutriRite!

And with NutriRite’s endorser Ellen Adarna sharing her secrets to fitter and healthier body – I know I can still go back to flat abs in less than a month!

Ellen Adarna was officially welcomed as the endorser of the NutriRite last Friday in 88 SuperClub.

Food Empire, a global food and beverage brand brought the NutriRite in the Philippines. The event was attended by Big Bosses of Food Empire – Pradeep Chauhan‬, Raghav Soni & ‎Patrick Sy‬. The team believes that Philippines has an emerging market and people love to have fun no matter how busy – and a drink such as NutriRite is something the Filipinos would enjoy.

NutriRite is indeed quick and easy to prepare -as demonstrated by Ellen herself. You simply just pour in a mug and add hot water. NutriRite has only 2 grams of fat per 28-gram serving and zero trans fat which is perfect for those who want to lose weight, get more fit and stay away from the usual artery-busting breakfast fare (oh bacon!). 
When asked what makes NutriRite different from other cereal drinks? NutriRite is made of quality oats. It is what’s inside that consumers can really taste the different. As Ellen shares:

“I honestly love having it during breakfast, or whenever I feel like having a light snack. And I don’t feel guilty eating it because it’s low fat. Plus, I don’t get that bland taste from other low-fat food. NutriRite is so yummy!”

And I  agree with Ellen on that. Oftentimes, low fat and healthy food substitutes are so bland that makes change in diet boring.. I always do backslide and go back to bacon 🙂 Interestingly, I am loving the NutriRite Oats & Honey (always my favorite cereal flavor!).
Plus, NutriRite also came up with a NutriRite fitness app. Consumers just simply need to scan the code on NutriRite packs to unlock videos and behind-the-scene footages of Ellen filming the NutriRite commercials. I die watching .. we got to see some videos during the launch 🙂 


When Ellen was asked what’s her secret to staying fit? 

She said, it is all about discipline and hardwork.

That’s the truth that I refuse to digest. I really admire her discipline.

Anyway, you can buy NutriRite in 3 different flavors – Low-Fat, Original and Oats and Honey. 
SRP is Php 5.50/sachet available in leading grocery stores: Cash & Carry, Robinson’s Supermarket, Shopwise, South Supermarket, Landmark, Tropical Hut Groceries, Walter Mart and Wellcome Superarket.

Have you tried NutriRite?
What are your preparations to get that summer body? 
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