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Instax Philippines’ DIY Year 2

April 16, 2015
Instax Lovers Unite! The Instax Philippines DYI is now on its second year and Fuji Film Instax has prepared exciting, new and innovative Do-It-Yourself projects to make your Instax memories more memorable and fun to share! 
Oh hey, that’s our winning Instax DIY picture above as presented by Janina! Keep on reading to find out about its story!

We gathered at the Master Shutter Pro in Tomas Morato yesterday for a taste  of the Instax DYI2! Can I just say that Master Shutter Pro is such an instagrammable and instaxable place? I thought the venue was set in a boring photography studio, but we were welcomed in a cozy cafe that sells different cameras and photography accessories. Master Shutter Pro even has a sleek cafe that is filled with aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Hmm..

I always love the Instax Philippines’ set-up. So many dainty little craft and knick knacks!

And even cuter food set-up that no one wanted to touch (and eat!)
The stage looks like a set-up for wedding reception!
But what makes the event more fun are the people! I especially adore Sir Takuya Maeda, Division Head – Electronics and Photo Imaging. He’s always brings fun and good laughter to every Instax event. 
I am not sure if I am allowed to share the DIY tips and projects now, but to give you an idea – 
Instax invited speakers who are certified craftsmen and globetrotters to create amazing Instax DIY projects to playfully share and keep our Instax prints!
Instax Prints DIY Ideas:
Make it a Key Chain!
Print double exposure photos!
Map pictures in your travel map!
Take instax pictures of your stuff to easily locate them and create #ootd look.

We got to try our hands with DIY projects during the launch of Instax DYI Year 2! We were given Instax camera and films and 15 minutes to create a fun project. We originally thought of creating a collage pictures to show we are all connected – but due to time and space constraint, we chose to take solo pictures of each member of the team (doing the same pose) and connected them via washi tape (used like nylon wire!)! There were not enough supplies left for us to use so we had to innovate! 
Here’s some behind the scenes pictures taken by Ate Myrns!

Congrats #teaminstaxph #group1 #instaxDIY2 #InstaxDiyYear2 fun-filled-event #arts #creativity with #instax…
And because of our teamwork and creativity (and Janina’s cute and sweet presentation!) we won! Yay! Big win for Group 1!

Will share with you guys some Instax DIY projects soon!
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