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Freedom List Challenge: Physiogel #FreeinMySkin Movement

July 16, 2015
I cannot remember the exact day when I have accepted my own skin. I was once part of the statistics of millions of Filipinas who wish to have whiter, smoother skin. All I remember is when I started to feel #FreeinMySkin, I feel more confident, adventurous and open to possibilities of life.

Earth, John, Rodel and I traveled to Japan, New York and Paris 
during last night’s Physiogel event in Makati Shangrila 🙂 

Click Read More to read about the Freedom List Challenge and #FreeinMySkin Movement

I feel that having a healthier and smoother skin is more important than having whiter skin. I have to thank my parents for the genes that gave me a smooth body skin. I am guilty at times that I don’t get to take care of it the way they did when I was younger (like they don’t allow me to stay outdoors or play rugged games). Now that I am older, I only use lotion when I feel like putting on lotion. Who else is guilty?  🙂

When women experience “bad skin days” – the feeling of dry, red and itchy, we are uncomfortable and easily irritated. This is when we feel vulnerable.

Research from the GSK Skin Health Asia Pacific Consumer Report 2014 shows that 50% of women across Asia experience sensitive face and body skin in the past 12 months. One out of two women will not visit a skincare professional for their skin condition. I, personally just book for facial when I feel the breakouts are coming. I am too lazy like that. 
Thankfully, there’s Physiogel to take care of our skin needs. I personally use the Physiogel Lotion and Intensive Cream (especially in my elbows – one of the most abused body parts)

New Physiogel’s Free in My Skin Movement

Last night, Physiogel launched the new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line which also promotes the #FreeinMySkin Movement for 2015.
The Free in My Skin Movement starts with Self Discovery. Physiogel aims to help women to be more aware of themselves to explore their full potential. It challenges Filipinas to see past their skin condition to fulfill their dreams and do what they always want to do. 
We were asked to take the quiz online and I was delighted to see my results which truly describes who I really am. The result said I am an INSPIRING INNOVATOR. 

The result also showed the things my FREEDOM LIST! And although I don’t personally create a bucket list, I might consider doing these things in the future 🙂
You too can take the quiz (ala – slumnote!) to find out your Freedom List!
Go to and don’t forget to share your result with hashtag #FreeinMySkin
I want to know who are the Savvy Collaborator, Charismatic Motivator and Elegant Sophisticate!
TV host,, model and blogger Patti Grandidge who is the newest brand’s advocate is a Charismatic Motivator. She said she’s excited to continue her journey and more discoveries with Physiogel. 

The New Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Line

A new look and feel of the Physiogel’s newest line – it is all blue and white – that feels so fresh and clean. The new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line is non-comedogenic and free from soap, preservatives, perfumes and colourants.  It is the number 1 prescribed brand by Dermatologists in the Philippines. You can get these new products at any Mercury Drug Store, pharmacies and supermarkets. 
What is in your Freedom List? 
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