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First Hilton Stay (Hilton Beijing Hotel)

October 22, 2015

I am taking you back to May 2015 when I had my second visit in Beijing and first stay at a Hilton Hotel. 

I still have a little hangover about that #BacktotheFutureDay. I am being nostalgic about beautiful memories. These past few days is a a little weird for me. I want to do something else. I want to escape. Maybe I need a vacation. 
Anyway, I had my first stay at Hilton Beijing last May for a 5-day trip. Okay, I don’t know how do you officially call a trip wherein you get invited to attend an event. Business Trip is so corporate. Leisure Trip? Yes, we had lots of fun.  #BloggerDuties?
After a 5-hour flight from Manila to Beijing, I was welcomed by hotel’s ground transportation.

There goes my identity exposed.

It was my 3rd time that I was traveling alone, but in all three cases, everything was always set for me. I felt so pampered. I should try to do a real adventure next time. 

Beijing is such a beautiful city. It was nice to be back. 
When I arrived in the hotel, it was an easy check in process. I was not expecting that I would share a room with anyone because, well, we were all coming from different countries and (some) were meeting for the first time (!!!) Exciting times (I sure remember!)
My room.

So basically you know why I didn’t bother packing pressed clothes. Hehe

I know some people who cannot just sleep alone in a hotel room. I got good training. I love Hilton Beijing’s room and interior. It has a touch of modern and contemporary design but does not sway away  from the typical hotel room.

I got  a deluxe room all by myself.

I love the minibar and the selection of miniature alcohol and bottle of wine. This hotel knows when guests would need a shot or a glass of wine.

I love the toilet. But as usual – and for the x times I stayed in the hotel, I just couldn’t find the time to use the bathtub.

I just don’t get it why most of the hotel rooms don’t have bidet in their toilets.

I had arrived early that day and I had a few hours to kill. I tried to walked around the area hoping to find a mall – but I failed. Hilton Beijing caters more to business travelers.

Hilton Beijing has indoor pool, gym and other facilities. But since we were out and exploring most of our sttay, we only got the chance to hang out at Zeta Bar at night.

It is an elegant bar for intimate talks and conversations.

with Beto, Lizza, Orin and Jasmin

The Breakfast Buffet is one of the bests. They serve the usual continental breakfast and there’s a dimsum station. Bacon is crispy good!

We went around via a private tourist bus, but the nearest subway station is Dengshikou on Line 5.
From there you can check out places like Olympic Park, Bird’s Nest and visit shopping malls. 
I love that Hilton Hotel has English Speaking staff. They are very courteous and pleasant. On my last day, the concierge was nice enough to accommodate my request to change for early service to the airport. 
Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Hilton Beijing. 
I have enrolled and got the Honor Card so I might consider staying in another Hilton hotel. 
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** My trip and accommodation were sponsored by Lenovo.

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