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Review: Acne Care Soap

October 21, 2015
A complete acne solution system from Acne Care came in the #bloggermail for review.

When my life cycle reached the adolescence and puberty stages, I have come to live life with pimples and acne scars. Even at this age, I still encounter breakouts especially if I missed my skin care routine. 
Even if acne and pimple is not life-threatening, it can damage you inside and shaken your confidence – even leaving unsightly scars when not treated correctly. 
I had tried different products to treat my acne, even ordering skin care products abroad. Thankfully now, there are more acne solutions and products available in the market.
I received this package from VidaNutriscience a few weeks ago. It is a complete Acne Solution System. 
I first started using the Acne Care Soap (been using it for weeks now). 
I personally don’t want to take any medications or supplements unless needed. 
I want to keep things natural. I thought if I experience major breakout, that’s when I would use the Acne Care Lactoferrin.

Acne Care Soap Review

Acne Care has all the right ingredients for treating acne:
Tea Tree Oil – anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial
Bio Sulfur –  reduces oiliness in the skin
Aloe Vera Extract – moisturizing and skin protection
Vitamin C – protects skin from photo-damage
Vitamin E – fights free radicals
Niacinamide B3 – for skin clarifying
How to Use Acne Care Soap?
I use the soap like a normal use. 
I wash my face twice daily – morning shower and at night (after removing makeup) – read about my new favorite makeup line – Pink Sugar! 
Acne Care Soap Results
I love that the soap somehow controls my breakouts. I use it religiously while following a skin care routine (first on the list – removing makeup at night). 
I feel that my skin feels tighter and less oily.
However, it started to dry out some sensitive parts of my skin like in the eyebrow area.
Overall though, it does help in maintaining and controlling breakouts especially that my period is coming in a few days. 
Acne Care Soap costs Php 149/bar 

Acne Care Acne Dry Lotion

The package also comes with Acne Care Acne Dry Lotion.
It is a solution that you dab on the affected area. I tried dabbing on some of my pimples but I didn’t get to follow through because they just dried out after using the Acne Care Soap. 

Acne Care Lactoferrin Capsules

Acne Care Lactoferrin Capsules is the first oral anti-acne dietary supplement in the Philippines. It uses all natural ingredient and promises no side effects. But then again, our body reacts differently on different products. 

I read a lot of good reviews about this product. I am keeping them in case I experience major breakout. For now I am quite happy with how Acne Care Soap is controlling acne and keeping my skin tight and fair. 
Acne Care Lactoferrin is suggested to be taken twice daily.
Acne Care Lactoferrin costs  Php 885.00 per bottle ( 30 capsules) and available in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and SouthStar Drugstores 

If you guys are curious how my skin looks like now. Check out these pictures

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