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Box Talks with Cat Arambulo

October 20, 2015
box talks with cat arambulo

Beyond the Box holds a series of workshops entitled Box Talks to speak to the average digital consumer that there’s much more to a device than meets the eye.

Today’s talk was conducted by Cat Arambulo.

cat arambulo beyond the box
I missed attending workshops and trainings that enhance one’s creativity and skills. I regret that I didn’t take a lot of the free trainings that was offered from my former employer (not that I need Six Sigma certification now, but still.. I am wishing I finished my Green Belt). Anyway, I am thankful when I received an invite from our friends in ARC Public Relations for the #BoxTalksxCatArambulo. 

Box Talks’ goal is to convince the technologically disabled that there is much more to our everyday devices. Artist in the fields of photography, design, music, arts are invited to make a  case at the potential of technology by sharing their stories in the hopes of inspiring attendees to follow suit. 

I have been reading Cat’s blog for quite a while now. I first fell in love with her blog’s template and somehow that pushed me to update my blog’s layout. 🙂 
Cat has style. I find her stories interesting and engaging. Her most recent entry was about her VIP access and tour at the Ellen de Generes studio! Reading her blog makes me feel like I was there with her.  Okay, I am wishing for a tour of the Ellen De Generes studio too! 
It is #goodweird for me that I haven’t even checked her “About”  page and I was totally clueless about her background. All I know is, I like her stories and I like what she does.
So, I was all ears earlier when she did her introduction.
She was once a stylist for Channel V, a PR for Embassy Superclub (oh yes, Embassy!), and a writer for Philippine Daily Inquirer. 
During the talk, Cat Arambulo shared with us her “secrets” to creating good contents online – from how to take pictures (she uses diva light!), to editing (she uses different apps like snapseed and vsco), to posing and knolling (yes, knolling means flatlay baby!).
(1) Cat showed her instagram transition (2) with Paul (fresh from Korea!) and Phya (3) Le Petit Souffle – my fave restaurant (4) #Marjonel doing the knolling 
She also shared interesting tips on photography and posing that she learned from Nigel Barker
Be a turtle – to prevent double chin.
Imagine you have a delicious chocolate in your mouth – just the thought makes you smile right?
Lastly, smize 😉

So, we were challenged to do our #OOTD and show our knowlling skills. Check out the hashtag #boxtalksxcatarambula 
Congratulations Shen and Cher for winning the Knolling and OOTD Challenge!
Beyond the Box is truly not just a tech store. Whenever you visit a Beyond the Box store, you discover new gadgets that are innovative and creative that also pushes you to be creative. Beyond the Box aspires Filipinos to turn their creative ideas into reality by providing them the tools they need to achieve their goals. 

As Sir Howard Paw, Vice President of Operations puts it “What makes us different from our peers is what we choose to do with our products and what we encourage our customers to do with them”

This is me being a turtle, thinking of something good and smizing. I looked awkward. Haha

Cat still looked glam despite this ambush picture. Unfaaaair!!! Hehe

Thank you Beyond the Box and ARC Public Relations for always having me at your awesome events!

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