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Lip Pure – Keep Your Lips Healthy and Moisturized!

November 5, 2015

Colder days are coming and I cannot wait for it! 

But one thing I dread about Cold Weather is how it makes my lips dry and flaking out.

 I remember when I had a short trip in London and the schedule was too  busy  (and I didn’t want to miss even a single moment exploring the city) ,  I didn’t have the time to put  on makeup or even lip protection. It was flaking so bad. 
I have different balms and lip glosses – but I tend to always forget to dab and apply them – sometimes I just do before going to bed.  Maybe because most of them are not deliciously good to wear on my lips 😀 
Just like a smudge eyeliner or mascara, chapped lips can ruin one’s look. We don’t want that. Thankfully, our friends from AMPR and Lip Pure sent this package!
What’s inside?! 
Complete Lip Pure Products! Wow!

I guess I would stay #onfleek with these products! What particularly interest me is this plain balm – Lip Pure. 
Lip Pure, a new and all-natural beauty product by international OTC and health care company Mentholatum offers just the unique formulation and ingredients. I love the mention of natural! Especially because I don’t want too much chemicals in my body – some people are allergic to chemicals too.

What makes Lip Pure perfect for keeping lips healthy and moisturized?
Lip Pure has gentle beeswax formulation 
100% food grade ingredients.
It is also free of colorants and preservatives. 
Formulated with royal  jelly and manuka honey.
It has combination of natural ingredients like almond oil, aloe extract, shea butter oil, and jojoba oil.
These ingredients help in deep hydration and long-lasting moisture.
Lip Pure is also anti-oxidant!!
Infused with anti-oxidant properties like Vitamin E and grape seed oil.

I am keeping a tube on my makeup kit (especially I am loving makeup lately).

Yassi Pressman, dance floor maven and TV personality also trusts Lip Pure to keep her looking #onfleek despite busy schedule. 

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