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Lola Cafe + Bar New Menu

November 22, 2015
A few blocks away from the busy restaurant strip in Tomas Morato, I found Lola Cafe + Bar in Scout Lozano. An old residential house that was converted into a homey restaurant serving Filipino cuisines.
Okay, I didn’t actually discovered it like a wandering explorer. Waze found it and through Richie’s invitation (oh, Mr Pickiest Eater!), I got to try Lola Cafe + Bar’s new menu.

It was actually my first time at Lola Cafe. When I walked inside the spacious garage and veranda, it felt just like visiting a friend’s house. A friend’s house because.. even if it is an old ancestral house, you would find interesting chic design and gray details adorning the neat white walls. 
The restaurant was packed that afternoon. I saw families, friends and couples. We found our nest at the second floor and we just hang out comfortably. We felt so at home. 
Lola Cafe + Bar is introducing a new menu lead by Chef Jon Mangibin. I was excited what this homey restaurant in Tomas Morato Quezon City has to offer. 
First on the table from 

Cauliflower Fritos Php 230
This is the biggest con artist of the day. These yummy glazed yums are not chicken or squid balls, they are cauliflower! It is interestingly good with a a hint of lime.

Chicken Liver Tostada Php 195
This may sound like your ordinary Liver Pate but what makes it awesome? The Bacon Bits! The bread is perfectly toasted. My braces were happy with it 🙂 
Everyone got a little too excited over –
Bone Marrow Sisig Php 275
All the delicious fatty good in one plate – crunchy sisig bits resting in fatty goodness of bone marrow. No need for slurping, just scoop away! 

Bacon Belly Batchoy Php 320
I am not much of Batchoy (but Bacon, yes!).  I could imagine enjoying this soup in a rainy afternoon. A good serving of braised bacon slabs and ox tripe with strong garlic and pepper flavors. Take a big bite with that boiled egg!

Alugbati and Kesong Puti Php Php 200 (solo) Php 310 (share)
For those who love something new aside from the usual Caesar Salad and oil based dressings, here’s a perfect toss of alugbati, beets, carrots with balsamic and generous serving of kesong puti. 

Pasta and Rice Bowls

Filipino’s all -time favorite soup-based dishes are served differently and interestingly in Lola Cafe. They are still served in a bowl without the soup. 
1⁄4 Chicken Confit & Tinola Rice Php 280
I could already smell the ginger flavor when this plate was served. Ginger Chicken reminds me of the Hainanese Chicken which is flavorful and tender. If not for the sight of Green Papaya, it would pass as a Singapore’s National Chicken Dish. Don’t forget to take a bite of the Lemongrass Pilaf Rice. Yes, it is a tinola dish less than soup. 

Miso Salmon and Sinigang Rice Php 320
Another interesting combination from the Rice Bowls offering is the Miso Salmon and Sinigang Rice. Pan seared salmon served with Tamarind and Tomato Rice. There’s that “kick” on the rice that only Sinigang dish can give and it does achieve that flavor. It didn’t occur to me that I would enjoy Sinigang without the soup.
Black Palabok Php 295
I know my mom would be very excited over this Black Palabok. It may not be the most idea dish for dates, but who cares? It sways away from the usual Palabok ingredients of orange sauce and anything pork. If you love seafood you are on for a treat. Generous serving of prawns, squid, smoked fish floss and soft boiled egg in a creamy squid sauce. It is perfectly nestled in the glass noodles.  
Brisket “Bistek” Tagalog Php 410
When mom cannot think of decent meals to prepare for us, she always go for Bistek (or Adobo or Mechado). I find them tiring to eat but the twist on the Bistek Tagalog from Lola Cafe gave a new light to my Bistek experience. I love the taste of tomato in the sauce and the fried onions and tomato slices.
Coconut Boneless Bangus Php 430
I can eat coconut milk-based dishes but only when I am at home because I feel that it is not very friendly with my stomach. It was a treat to be served with this Coconut Boneless Bangus because (1) it is boneless! (2) coconut milk is served in small dosages – you see, the fish is not literally swimming in a coco sauce (3) I love fried garlic!  I think it is best served with garlic fried rice. 

You would have guessed that by the time we finished all these, we were already feeling full. But we,Filipinos love desserts! Lola Cafe + Bar served us with the usual desserts with a play on new ingredients.

Strawberries and Cream Php 150

It is a play of texture and flavor with the crunch of meringue and the soft coconut-taragon mousse. The slices of strawberries are not great garnishment to add color and flavor.
Banoffee Pie Php 170
This delectable dessert reminds me of Banana Cream Pie but even better. Imagine Graham Crust and Peanut Butter in it! I seldom get too excited over sweets (because I love salty snacks more) but this is a great dessert to cap off a flavorful meal.
Whew! That’s a lot of flavor in this post. Indeed, Lola Cafe + Bar has every flavor for every diner. If you are getting tired of eating the usual Filipino meal, visit the Lola Cafe and have a feast. They also serve Wagyu Steaks and Merienda that you can pair with drinks like Wine, Beer and Cocktails (yes, they serve them too!).

If you are in the Quezon City area or have visiting friends from other countries, bring them to Lola’Cafe. 
Pic by the Pickiest Eater!
All pictures taken using Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. 
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Lola Cafe
99 Scout Lozano Street, Laging Handa, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
For inquiries or reservations, call (02) 5012620 or +639178176045

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