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Fire in the Hole – Spicy Ramen Pop-up Store at Century City Mall

December 6, 2015
Fire in the Hole is a new spicy ramen pop-up store in Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall. 
Get ready to set your tongue on fire.

My first time to visit the Hole in the Wall in Century Mall and it brought me back to the memories of the defunct Streetlife bar in Glorietta 3.
You may probably too young to know this place but for those who can hear my music, you know that Streetlife was one of the places to be in Makati years ago.
Hole in the Wall has the same concept minus the live band and the food passport. Basically, you would be welcomed with innovative dining concepts from diverse flavors. 
We found an interesting new stall from the same guys of Wrong Ramen, we found the Fire in the Hole. 

Interestingly, it only has 5 items on the menu and the pop-up store would only be open only until December 31, 2015 (so you better visit!)

There are 3 Spicy Noodles to choose from, a rice dish and one dessert. 

Hot Prawn & Fish Head Laksa, Thai Red Curry w/ Braised Pork Rib and Korean Army Soup.  You can choose the level of spiceness from Mild, Spicy and Flaming.
For those who love rice, there’s Spicy Dandan Rice and a good soothing dessert – Coconut Ice Cream in Shell to soothe you senses (more about the dessert, later!).

I used to be very open when it comes to spicy food but after sometime, I felt that too much spice can alter the real taste of the food. In any case, I said yes to two bowls of these spicy Laksa (well, I shared it with #seatsfortwo!)
Hot Prawn and Fish Head Laksa (P 390) 
This dish looks pretty heavy with creamy tonkotsu broth with coconut milk with prawn, salmon head, and made perfect with cockles, cilantro, fresh chili, and Hakata noodles.
This dish is indeed creamy with overpowering coconut flavor and spice (lots of it, actually!). It was a good decision to start with Mild. It reminds me of a coconut dish with fish that my mom loves to cook. Part of me wanted to order rice. If you want something hardcore Laksa, go for it. 

Thai Red Curry with Braised Pork Rib  (Php 390)
The flavors in this interesting bowl – tonkotsu broth, red curry, chili, tender braised pork in Hakata noodles. I really like this dish because of the balance flavor and just perfect hint of spice. The soft meat is just perfect to go with Hakata noodles. 
To give contrast to our spicy meals, we also ordered from Garde Manger.  It is a  “healthy not so healthy” food concept by Chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla. This restaurant is all about fresh food and ingredients without cooking. It means you would find sushi rolls, wraps, salads and fresh juices.
Well, we actually spotted Brownies and Muesli!
These are gluten-free goodies which are perfect for quick snacks and breakfast.
The Gluten-Free Muesli is the bomb! Imagine crisp muesli bound with not-too-sweet chocolate.
We had the Sesame Gochujang Octopus Salad (Php 285) and Sisig Rilletes Salad (Php 315)
This is Bahamas – cranberry, Pomegranate and Pink Lemonade (Php 120).
I love the mix of ingredients tossed in our salads – something new to try rather than the usual Caesar Salad and Sesame Oil based ones that we usually have. 
For dessert, we had the Coconut Ice Cream in Shell (Php 290) from Fire in the Hole. 
Err… a bit too pricey for a shell of ice cream? Hey, it s worth the experience. It is creamy and smooth coconut-flavourd ice cream with chili and interesting chocolate pretzels.
I am not much of an ice cream person but this won my heart because the flavor somehow relaxes me. I love that the coconut flavor is just right (it doesn’t try to taste like a coconut dish) but it is not too bland that would make it taste like a cheap ice drop. It is ice cream with class.
with #Marjonel and Pam
Hole in the Wall truly has the most innovative dining concepts in a very “instagrammable” place. You can get a hearty soup, fresh salad, green cheesecake and your favorite burger in just one place. 

What is your favorite from Hole in the Wall?

Hole in the Wall
4F Century City Mall,
Kalayaan, Makati

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