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Cherish the Moment with Black Suede Man + Avon Giveaway

February 14, 2016

Avon welcomes Jodi Sta. Maria for Avon Cherish and Paulo Avelino for Black Suede. The new Avon Fragrances Brand Ambassadors. 

When Avon sent an invitation for an intimate lunch and launch of their newest brand ambassadors, they asked all invited guests to bring their special someone. It is one of the rare moments when a brand allows you to bring a Plus One to an event.

Other girls probably had a hard time looking for a date (or some just don’t care to bring a date), but thankfully I have really nice guy friends who are game to go with me during these kind of awkward moments. I invited guy friends but I chose not to bother the other one because I know he is busy with work and I would really want to catch up with Ralph. 🙂 Our time is precious and we have to make the most of it to reconnect since we didn’t get the chance to bond during the #HarryBirthdayRuth.

When we arrived, salad and soup were already served. But we were right on schedule as Avon revealed the newest brand ambassadors for Avon Fragrances Jodi Sta Maria for its joyful new fragrance, Avon Cherish and Paolo Avelino for the very manly Black Suede.

I am a fan of Jodi Sta Maria, especially after she played the role of Amor Powers She is an alumna of talent center Star Magic’s Batch 7, and was launched in the iconic TV Show Tabing Ilog in 1999. 
Avon Cherish is a fragrance that pays tribute to all women who inspire those around them to live, laugh and love more everyday. That sounded like my mantra 🙂  
Avon Cherish is my ideal scent because it makes my presence felt without being too overpowering. I love how its scent slowly changes into a sweet smell that makes you feel warm and cozy! It reminds me of precious moments shared with people I cherish, and it is definitely the perfect gift for your loved ones”  Jodi Sta Maria. 

 Avon Marketing Director Jean Reyes shared ” We knew she’s the perfect fit for Avon Cherish because as a mom and a thriving actress, she has such a loving personality that brings light and joy to those who she encounters” 

For the men, boys and Adonises of our lives, there’s Black Suede collection as endorsed by the new brand ambassador Paulo Avelino. 
The collection of timeless, must-have scents are perfect for men like Paulo who want to exude irresistible confidence. 
I love Paulo’s portrayal of a nice young man in Honesto and the suave yuppie in On the Wings of Love (yes, I see the episode teasers!). The actor, model and singer is every woman’s quintessential leading man (except for me – I love rough badboys and rockstars) 🙂

“I am so excited to be joining the Avon Family and I’m extremely happy to be the face of this timeless fragrance. Black Suede will make any man feel strong and sophisticated. It is like confidence in a bottle” – Paulo Avelino.

I so agree. I actually feel naked without a perfume. 

“Paulo truly is a modern day Black Suede Man, because he possesses the irresistible charm and confidence that the fragrance represents. As Avon celebrates its 130th Anniversary and we continue to be the Number 1 Fragrance brand in the country, we see it’s because of brands like Black Suede. The scent has been a long-time customer favorite because there’s something for every man, whether his style is classic, daring or sporty.

Avon gave us the complete set of Black Suede fragrances which I shared with the men in my life. 
The box of beautiful flowers with the Avon Cherish Fragrance was another sweet surprise. 
The event is truly something to cherish with my Black Suede date that day.

In the afternoon, we had a date turnover. Haha. I met up with Rodel and Ana who came from another event (that I missed!). At night, I had #averysweetloveaffair dinner with Rodel at Niu by Vikings. 

I gave away one Black Suede scent to Ralph and the another to Rodel (I helped them choose the perfect scent for them!).

I am feeling generous today and thought of giving away 1 Black Suede Perfume and 1 Cherish Fragrance + Avon Surprise Gift to one lucky reader/new follower.

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Congratulations Hershey Gercio!
Kindly PM me on my fanpage to find out how to claim your prize!

To order Avon Black Suede or Avon Cherish, call your Avon Lady. Check
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