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Inspiration: How to Stay Motivated

August 22, 2016
fitness how to stay motivated
It is Monday once again and I am trying to convince myself to get more fit starting today. To be fair with me, I started with eating less and taking in more healthier choices (I had a full month cheat month!). 
I know I am not the only one who is struggling to stay motivated to start or continue in reaching a goal – it could be starting a fitness plan, saving for a travel destination, learning a new skill or a building a new relationship. What keeps us going is our motivation.

fitness how to stay motivated
I found out that starting with a simple motivation is much more easier for me in achieving a certain goal. For my fitness goal, I only want to have good vacation photos (when I don’t need to worry about bulky tummy) 🙂 It sounds so simple yet the hardwork I put into it is no joke – and by doing so, I am also helping my body be stronger and healthier so I can do more great things.
fitness how to stay motivated
If I don’t sound too convincing, check out the MySlim Motivation Video where Coach Mau (head coach of one of the biggest gyms in the country) shared how he stayed motivated and focused when his mother passed away.
I love that he was able to focus his energy into something more beneficial for his well-being. 
How do you stay motivated and focused?
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