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Blogger’s Breakfast + Starting My Day Right with Quaker

September 14, 2016
breakfast flatlay quaker oats
Blogger’s Breakfast + Starting My Day Right with Quaker 
My day always starts with a cup of coffee and no matter how busy or tight my schedule is, I never forget to eat breakfast. 
Erase that, I start my day with a glass of water with lemon 🙂 Then comes coffee, then banana and breakfast. Even if I have morning event or meeting, I would never leave the house without eating breakfast. The one time I left the house without eating anything, I felt like I would pass out. 

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. It is even one of the things I always look forward to when I am out traveling and staying in a hotel. It is interesting to know the different kinds of breakfast they offer in different countries (the usual continental!) – and how people get surprised when they found out we, Filipinos eat rice for breakfast 🙂 Read here for the best breakfast buffet I had from Kempinski in Indonesia
The first thing I eat in the morning is banana (I super missed my banana when I was in Barcelona!!!). I then eat bread (and SPAM or bacon – in my defense, I try to balance things :)) or Quaker Oats or jump to brunch especially when I need to leave the house early for events or meetings. I then finish off with more fruits (favorite: grapes).

Blogger's Breakfast Starting My Day Right with Quaker
Blogger's Breakfast Starting My Day Right with Quaker

Quaker Oats is one of the staples at home especially that it is mom’s favorite. Oats is one of nature’s ultimate supergrains which everyone needs to power through their busy mornings and stressful days. 
Although Quaker Oats feel light when taken, it is actually full of nutrients that are needed daily by the body. It is rich in fiber which helps keep the digestive system clean and happy while B vitamins and minerals make sure that we all meet our nutritional goals on a daily basis. Quaker Oats is also good source of protein (I can truly forget my bacon), which helps maintain and build body tissues, and carbohydrates, which we need for energy (without making us feel bloated). Quaker Oats also lessens our cravings for unhealthy snacks 😀
Blogger's Breakfast Starting My Day Right with Quaker
I used to eat a lot of tender juicy hot dogs. But at home, we no longer buy processed food (just SPAM and bacon ;p) but these Fronen Sausages are really good. 🙂 Available in Rustan’s Supermarket
My mom eats the plain Quaker Oats every night, and she sometimes cook Champorado using them (+ real Tablea!) perfect for rainy weather. 
Quaker Oats truly helps me maintain a balanced diet and healthy digestive system especially when I get to indulge in so many high-cholesterol food whenever I go out to cover events. I also love the Quaker Oats Cookies that I used to bring with me when I was still working in a graveyard shift (when my body clock refused to understand morning and night). 
Blogger's Breakfast Starting My Day Right with Quaker
Thank you Quaker Oats for sending the breakfast kit!

The Philippines Dietary Guidelines recommends that whole grains should form 50% of the total grain intake. Quaker Oats offers various options that are easy to prepare and convenient especially for people on the go.  Check out for more information.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
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