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Current Fave: BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker

September 24, 2016
BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker
I love gadgets that are low maintenance – things that can take care of my needs, instead of me taking care of them. I get pretty abusive of the things that I own. But that’s how things work. I do not want them to own me. 
Here is one of things I currently love to use and abuse – the new BluAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker. 

I have been using this baby for months but I only got to feature it on the blog. I want to be straightforward why I love this new speaker – it brings color to my life + it gives good sound quality. I can literally house a party in my room!
BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker
I brought it to my little adventure in Zambales and I love how the thumping bass and crisp sound blended with the sweet chirping birds. 
BlueAnt Ozone LED Speaker has 5 light patterns that allow me “to see my music”. I find it fun when I am listening to upbeat songs and relaxing when I need to mellow down with love songs. This baby can play up to 5 hours of music or can also be used as a speaker phone for taking in calls (it has a built-in mic).

BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker
BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker
I love its silicon cover that protects the body from dust, moist and sand. The size is just perfect for display in your room or for traveling. 
BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker

To connect and pair your BluAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker, simply turn on the speaker by holding the Power button. You should hear the voice prompt says “bluetooth”. Open your device’s bluetooth connectivity and you should hear a sound that confirms connection. You can then control the song’s volume through your device. 

Click PLAY to check the sound quality 🙂 

The BluAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker is available at Beyond the Box and Digital Walker.

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