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New Oishi Great Lakes Juice Flavors

September 25, 2016
New Oishi Juice Great Lakes Flavors
A big wooden box (+ another box) arrived on our doorstep just when I was about to leave and see the Maclemore concert last Thursday. Bloggermails always make me happy. I only got the time to unearth what’s inside – Oishi Great Lakes Juice Packs!!!

It asked me what’s great about today?
I actually have a long list – from knowing that there is someone who really cares for me, staying home with mom even if it means working in front of the computer and finding the time to unbox bloggermails and press kits. 
New Oishi Juice Great Lakes Flavors
I rarely drink juices because I want to cut down on sugar and most of them taste like kid’s medicine; but Great Lakes (and Oishi Smart C and some fine natural juices are my only exceptions). Oishi Great Lakes is a line of natural juices made from fruits and vegetables. Everything is natural which means – no artificial coloring, flavors, and sweeteners. I have already tried the two flavors – Fruit and Vegetable Mix and Tropical Fruit Mix. 
I am so excited when I saw these two new flavors in the market and we tried them. 🙂  So it was truly a great day to receive box of these two new flavors – Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape!
Two of my favorite fruits!
New Oishi Juice Great Lakes Flavors
Aside from naturally beneficial properties, the Great Lakes juices have a clean, refreshing taste that is not sweet, nor bitter. 
Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple is made from 100% apple juice – cloudy in color is caused by fiber in apples. Just Right Red Grape has the right amount of natural grape juice. 
I know people who don’t eat fruits and vegetables, and these Great Lakes fruit juices are best way to incorporate fruits and veggies in your family’s diet. 
New Oishi Juice Great Lakes Flavors
Time is all I have now so I make sure I use it wisely and spend it with people who are important to me. 

What is great about today? 

Great Lakes is available nationwide in major supermarkets and convenience stores. 
Php 20 for 250 ml
Php 70 for 1L variants
*price may vary per supermarket or grocery stores.
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