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Manila to Zambales via Big Bike: Ride Along Motorcycle Tour

September 24, 2016
Travel Concierge Philippines Ride Along Motorcycle Tour

Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Motorcycle Big Bike
I found myself living dangerously again. But the view was amazing as we cruise at high speed of 140 kph. There were no other cars on the road. It was the bluest and clearest sky I have ever seen in the Philippines. The weather was nice and I played it cool. I would have wanted to take my camera to take a selfie but I chose to keep my grip on my partner’s leather vest as he drove the fancy big bike. Behind us were 3 other bikes owning the highway. This is Ride Along Motorcycle Tour. 

I received the invitation to try this new travel concierge service last month and I got to pick from 4 different destinations – Taal, Baguio, Baler and Zambales. We chose Zambales as my friend and I thought it would be fun to try in a long ride. I never realized that we would REALLY ride a big bike (should I say, luxury motorcycles) from Manila en route to the destination. I felt like backing out from the idea. 
My Biker Chick Outfit – wearing lots of sunscreen 😀 
I had tried something similar to this in Barcelona. The Go Car Talking Tour. 
Until two days before the trip, my friend flaked out on me (because he has a TVC taping – I sometimes hate to be friends with famous people). The percentage of me backing out from the trip went crazy to 100%. I was scared as hell knowing I didn’t have someone I am comfortable with to share the experience. But being the “brave” woman that I am, I still packed my bag (I meant luggage) and showed up at the meeting place. 
We were picked up at different places along EDSA via van and we met up with the cool kids at NLEX. 
Scroll down to meet the cool guys… TENDENDENDEN… 
Travel Concierge Philippines Ride Along Motorcycle Tour
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
New and Old School (NOS) Motorcycle Club
New and Old School (NOS) Motorcycle Club
When we arrived, we already saw the fancy big bikes parked outside. Then the big guys came to welcome us. True to my expectations, they were wearing leather vests, silver accessories and boots. They were wearing big smiles too  (I thought bikers always have that bad boy look?). 
We had a light breakfast and a quick orientation.
What is Travel Concierge – Ride Along Motorcycle Tours?
 Travel Concierge – Ride Along Motorcycle Tours is the first motorcyle tour service in the Philippines that offers an exhilirating way to travel to different destinations via a big bikeTravel Concierge is an affiliate of Enable Hospitality, a hotel management company responsible for operating boutique hotels in the Philippines. 
Ride Along Motorcycle Tours was started by Pat Favoreal, Travel Concierge’s Founder & CEO along with members of the New and Old School (NOS) Motorcycle Club. They are motorcycle enthusiasts and are knowledgeable about motorcycle, driving and safety. 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
The bikers stereotype that they are cool are indeed true. These bikers have real day jobs and work in a corporate and riding a big bike is just one of their many interests. Pat owns 13 big bikes including a Vespa, and a Harley Davidson. He seriously deserved to be asked – how to be you, po?

Travel Concierge – Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Safety 

We had a quick orientation before we geared up. We were provided with jacket, helmet and riding accessories. I noticed that they are of good and high quality. Ride Along Motorcycle Tours  is serious about passenger’s safety.
There is also a van that would be with us during the trip – in case we can no longer continue backriding (or if we feel the need to rest). That somehow made me feel safe. I was thinking if I could no longer ride, I would just take a bus 😀 
Travel Concierge Philippines Ride Along Motorcycle Tour
All geared up and engine oiled up! I always wanted to ride a big bike but the notion that it is dangerous just scared me! For REAL!
Pat reminded us to stay alert, hold on to our partner’s waist (not shoulders) and just enjoy the ride. 
My thoughts: enjoy the ride? How can I enjoy the ride if I know my whole body and legs are exposed outside? I thought, I would just try it for first 10 minutes then I would transfer to the van. 
Ride Along Motorcycle Tours First Impressions

Pat assigned us to our partners. I was paired with Ratsky and we were the first to leave and lead the ride. They call it the Spearhead  who gives hand signals to the rest of the group in cases of obstacles on the road. I thought they paired me with him because I may always ask for stopover. In my defense, I did NOT request for any stopover en route to Zambales 😀

When the engine started heating up and we exited the service road to the main road, I tightened my grip and placed my legs closer to the bike. I was scared as hell!
I thought: so this is how riding in tandem feels. What if I just jump off the bike? 
How many more hours would I be in this position? Pat said it might take us 3 to 4 hours! And we were only on our first 2 minutes!!!

They said I looked cool (back)riding because I am tall – it looked like I was REALLY driving the big bike 😀 
Until I never realized, I started to just relax. I let go of one hand, and the other hand (yes ma, no hands!). I then found myself sitting comfortably and my legs relaxed. 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
During the first curve, I hold on tightly again and just swayed with the direction. 
When we entered SCTEX and I felt that the ride was speeding up, I hold on tightly once more and stayed more alert. Ironically, I felt more safer when I spotted cars and vehicles around us because it meant that we would slow down. But Ratsky knew his way around and we could easily overtake and own the road again
[now read the first paragraph of this blog post]

We were speeding at 140 kph and it felt like I was on free fall of Sky Dive – except that it didn’t take only 15 seconds – but minutes or an hour.  I got kind of used to the experience. I felt invincible and powerful and strong. Maybe this is were they got the cool aura. 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Experience (after the first stopover)

We had a quick stopover in Subic. I remember Pat’s email where he noted that Gas Stations are their Shangrila’s. This is where they gas up, take a break, check engine’s condition, catch up on other riders and stretch!
Pat told me that he was surprised when he saw me just relaxing and chilling – and even taking photos and videos on the highway ride. 

Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
The Motorcyle Diary Squad: Ruth dela Cruz, MJ de Leon and Rey Belen

I realized that there was really nothing to worry about riding a big bike. One just always needs to stay alert and carefully decide when it is safe to take photos and just stay safe during the entire ride. 
When we started to gear up once again on our last leg, I felt like a criminal on a mission (it must be the balaclava!) 😀
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour Travel Concierge Philippines
We encountered a light traffic in Subic. My view about the road and riding a bike started to change when we got surrounded with vehicles. I felt much more safer on the highway compared to roads where there were cars around. I felt that your safety also depends on other cars and bikes (and pedestrians). I was praying silently that the drivers around stay alert and smart. 
We made it safe and alive in Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales in 3 hours and with 1 stopover. That was fast! It usually takes more than 2 hours from Manila to Taguig 😀 
manila to zambales via motorcycle
manila to zambales via motorcycle
manila to zambales via motorcycle
manila to zambales via motorcycle
manila to zambales via motorcycle
manila to zambales via motorcycle
The beautiful weather and the beach was waiting for us!
Truly, it was a the ride that made it a fun experience. 
Why You Should Try the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours?
1. If you have been meaning to try something new in your life, this is it!
2. If you are the adventurous type and you have probably tried a lot of different extreme adventures, this is something new to try! 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Big Bike
3. Ride Along Motorcycle Tours is the most affordable and safest way to ride fancy big bikes – especially if you are like me who doesn’t know how to drive!
4. You get a rare opportunity to have a photo taken with these luxurious bikes (that sounds shallow?). I kid you not. I didn’t know much about big bikes but I knew they are fancy when people just look at you as you cruise along the road and men take photos of the bikes during stopovers. 
5. The best part, you GET ONLY NOT PHOTOS but the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of riding it! 
What I Like About the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours?
Aside from the above reasons, I like it because:
1. I usually fell asleep during long drives especially when going up North or down South. During the Ride Along Motorcyle Tour, I had to stay awake and alert  – and it made me appreciate the view of the highway. 
2. The freedom! I felt like we owned the road when we cruised in the highway. Every experience that I encountered and tried made me braver to try something new. 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Big Bike
3. Stopover anywhere. My friends know I am always the first one to ask for a stopover to use the washroom 😀 Surprisingly for this ride, I didn’t worry about washroom or the next stopover because I know I could always easily ask for one and we could swiftly ride faster to get to it. 
4. Ride Along Motorcyle Tour is SAFE. The group know their thing and there is a van and extra big bikes that go with you during the trip so you don’t need to worry about getting tired, or not being able to finish the trip. 
5. They are COOL kids and fun to be with. I thought they are tough and strict with their tattoos and silver accessories, but they are really fun to be with :D
En route to Manila, I felt more comfortable and I enjoyed the rush and the speed 😀 
6. Ride Along Motorcycle Tours have different packages and destinations for different customers. If you have a big bike and want to join the tour, you can go with the group. If you are a someone who doesn’t know how to drive, you can still join the tour. Check out their website. 
7. The BIKERS are CERTIFIED TITOS! .. and I meant, they really take care of you. They always ask you if you are okay, comfortable or need anything. I love that they even come with toiletries and wet wipes and hand sanitizers! 
My bag was in the van and I didn’t have access to my tita kit and I love that they are quick to offer wet wipes and sanitizers during stopover. It is a plus points for me!
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Big Bike
with the real cool kids – Ross, Ratsky, Lala, Pat and Borg
Tips for First Time Bike Riders
People always think I am the adventurous type, but I have learned the ways to fake confidence. Here are some tips if you are a first time big bike backrider:
1. Always stay alert. Listen to the orientation and take them seriously. It is a fun experience but always try to assess when it is okay to go YOLO or stay safe. I heard some people dropped their smartphones during the ride. 😀 We don’t want that. 
2. Make sure that you are light when you take the ride. It is always my worry whenever I go on adventure – I make sure I am light and have done my morning ritual 😀
3. Eat light meals. 
4. Take or bring your medicines with you and make sure that you are in good shape. Get enough sleep the night before (errr… I only had 2 hours of sleep then haha). 
5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. I chose to wear tank tops, jeans and old boots.
6. Bring inexpensive sunnies or shades. They might get broken or misplaced. 
7. Travel light and only bring the necessities 🙂
8. Expect to eat in carinderias, food stalls and gas stations. 
9. Prepare to get wet or be soaked under the sun! It is still good to wear sunscreen. 
10. The ride may be a little uncomfortable to the butt and legs (ah, my long legs), you may request for a stopover if you need to stretch. 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Big Bike
Thank you Ratsky for the safe ride!
Lastly, try to build a relationship with your partner. They are cool people and very fun to ride along with!
Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Rates and Destinations

Squad Goals for real!
Rey, Ratsky, Ruth, MJ, Ross (at the back), Pat, Lala and Borg
Thank you Jo for the photo 🙂 
Here is the rate for our 2days/1night trip from Manila to Zambales:
(off-peak periods June to September 2016)

Back Rider Php 9,387
Rented Bike Solo Php 6,482
The rate includes: Above 400cc motorcyle bike, TOLL fees and gasoline for backriders, Adventure Insurance worth Php100k coverage, Helmet and Body Protector, Rider Fee Services.

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Travel Concierge also offers services to Baler, Baguio and Taal (day tour). 

Email them at [email protected] or [email protected] and tell them you read the story from my blog to get customized rate/discount 😉 
Check out the website for more information
Follow the hashtag #ridealongmotorcycletours for more photos

After the ride, I want to kick myself for being so worried about it when it was all safe and fun! I always knew I never wanted to own or drive a car, but now I want a big bike (!!!). 
Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Big Bike

Thank you so much Travel Concierge and Sir Pat for having us!
Until the next ride!

Would you try this kind of adventure?
How’s your first experience riding a big bike?
Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Travel Concierge. La Huerta Village Center. Aguirre Compound, Multinational Avenue, Multinational Village, Paranque City.
Mobile: 0917-504841
Landline: 5056151 / 3605460 / 5518223

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