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The New Tutuban Center Mall + Tips on How to Survive the Holiday Shopping

October 19, 2016
The New Tutuban Center Mall
Holiday Season is definitely on and there is one shopping destination that every certified shoppers head on – Tutuban Center in Divisoria. It was a pleasant surprise for me to visit the new Tutuban Center after it has underwent renovation work and building improvements. 
I live near Tutuban Center but I now seldom visit the place. My exciting shopping experience yesterday was like a visit to a whole new shopping paradise. 
So what’s new in Tutuban Center Main Building and Prime Block? 

The New Tutuban Center Mall
Andres Bonifacio shrine will still greet you at the entrance to the heritage building where the original train station was built in 1800s. I love that Tutuban has preserved the heritage building by repainting it with its heritage color palette and improving the lighting for its facade. 
The New Tutuban Center Mall
Tutuban has brought back the food court at the second floor which will soon offer some of Divisoria and Binondo’s best food brands like El Presidente, Kikiam in Ilaya, King’s Bakeshop and Eng Ho. There were also different food kisoks and stalls. I like the new picnic-like tables in rustic brown color. 
The New Tutuban Center Mall
The New Tutuban Center Mall
kings bakeshop tutuban
kings bakeshop tutuban
If you are feeling a bit lost in Tutuban Center, take note that the Main Station holds mall’s retails shops, restaurants and service stores; while the Prime Block (which connects to Main Station) has different bargain stores where you can buy clothes, toys, decors and textile. 
kids costume divisoria
kids costume divisoria
christmas decor divisoria
You can find Anding’s Toys and Flowers, Inc where you can buy party favors, garden accessories and holiday decors. I was pleasantly surprised to find cool items in the store – the kinds that I didn’t know are available near my place! I just took mental note of the stuff, while @rodelflordeliz, @earthlingorgeos and @kumagcow hoarded some toys.
christmas decor divisoria
There are a lot of stores that sell RTW for girls (even ones we can wear for formal events and balls!). Blouses and tops start at Php 100! 
One of my favorite stores to visit in Prime Block is OrignaMura which sells array of home and personal items ranging from hardware, cookware, school supplies and bath accessories. I love that even after so many years of not visiting the store, the owners did recognize me during our visit. 🙂 
christmas decor divisoria
Manual Fan Haha 🙂 
Entreprenuers who are looking at starting their own business no longer need to battle the crowd and heat in Divisoria as you can find really good stuff for wholesale and supplies in Tutuban Mall. There’s Michelle’s Lace Store that sells items for crafts and DIY. Party Planners can also shop for colorful gift items, wall decors and costume accessories. 
patches divisoria
patches divisoria
@kumagcow and @rodelflordeliz shopping for some materials for DIY bracelets
What Does Php 1,000 Buy You in Tutuban Mall?

We were given paper money which we can spend in partner stores to complete our shopping list. We were given one hour to shop (such a challenge!).  Here’s what I got for Php 1,000. I kind of bought stuff that I didn’t need but it was all good to explore different stores. 
Halloween, Decor and Toy
Skull Display from Php 100 to Php 90
Intelligent Card Game Php 50
Rubber Ducks Php 40 (because they are cute!)
Sleep Wear
Top and Shorts for Php 250
General Merchandise
Travel-sized Canisters Php 60
Bookmark Php 30

Denim Dress Phhp from Php 350 to Php 330
Wheat Bread from King’s Bakeshop
 Php 49 x 2 = Php 98
Will be posting more of my finds @ruthilicious!
I know that’s not the smartest list you can see. We were rushing and I kind of focused on the stuff that was listed on our challenge. 🙂 
Anyway, here are tips on how to survive the Holiday Shopping in Tutuban and Divisoria.

Tips on How to Survive the Holiday Shopping in Tutuban and Divisoria

1. Wear comfortable clothes, and I mean war clothes. Or wear leggings so it is easier to fit items like jeans and rompers 🙂 
2. Bring smaller bills. Break your Php500s and Php1,000s.
3. Bring eco-bags. Let’s go green. 
4. Haggle! Try to break the price to half. Say, price is Php300, ask for Php150. Sometimes it works, or you guys can meet halfway. Might be lucky to get the item for Php200. 
5. Bring your own water. Hydrate!
6. If you find something you REALLY like, go and buy it. Moving around Tutuban can be very tiring because there are so many shoppers and so much to buy 🙂 
7. Always keep your cool. You might get a good discount if you are a nice buyer. Smile is contagious 🙂
Tips on How to Survive the Holiday Shopping
8. I personally do not recommend buying cosmetics, gadgets and appliances in General Merchandise stores. Better go to the mall where you can guarantee that the items are authentic and comes with warranty. 
9. It is difficult to get a cab from Divisoria. You may try booking uber (USE my PROMO CODE: uberruthilicious for Php 200 discount!). Be prepared to go there and commute. You can take the LRT2 Train to get to EDSA (Cubao Station). 
10. Bring a shopping buddy with you. It is good to have someone share the shopping experience with you – and help you decide on buying things. A buddy is good to have but a whole crew means too many decisions (and waiting time). If you are going as a group, I recommend you guys split up and meet up after. This way, you can focus on buying things you like and save time. 
Happy Shopping!
Tutuban Center opens at 9:00 in the morning. There is an additional 150 parking slots built in its CM Rector Avenue parking area and improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation. The Tutuban Mall’s Restroom has been renovated and maintained too (thumbs up for that!). 
Tips on How to Survive the Holiday Shopping
The most comfy war clothes I could wear 🙂 
Candid Photos: Rodel Flordeliz
Shopping Photos: Shot using Lenovo Vibe Shot

What other shopping tips do you want to share?
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