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My BeautyMNL Online Shopping Experience + Haul

November 28, 2016
My BeautyMNL Online Shopping Experience + Haul
My BeautyMNL Online Shopping Experience + Haul 

It probably doesn’t look obvious in my social media accounts but I do get excited over beauty products. If I have time to spare,  I usually do (window) online shopping.

One of my favorite beauty online shops is BeautyMNL. It is not just an online beauty shop, but also a platform for women that provides insightful tips and articles about health, beauty and grooming. 
BeautyMNL has been in cyberspace for quite a while with hundreds of reviews and BeautyMNL hauls from your favorite bloggers to support its existence. A few months ago, I received an invitation for a collaboration with BeautyMNL. I was quite hesitant to accept the invitation because (1) I feel like I have all the beauty and skin care products I need (2) I know myself – when I start spending and shopping, I would get addicted again.

Anyway, who am I to decline an offer? I said yes and started with my online shopping. It took me days to complete and finalize my order. Why? There are tons of beauty products and skin care items in BeautyMNL.   I had to choose carefully which ones I really needed and wanted to try. I have tons of makeup that are left unused, I seriously wanted to be a smarter shopper πŸ™‚ Through BeautyMNL, I discovered new brands and products I never knew I needed (like the anti-mosquito sleeping cream)

The reviews and ratings of the products help me alot in my shopping. I love that I can easily navigate through the site. The whole shopping experience is smooth and easy. 

The following day, I received the delivery right at my doorstep. There was a little confusion because I thought I selected “Cash on Delivery” to pay for my outstanding balance (when in fact I paid via Paypal online).  I got a cash ready to give to the delivery guy – but he said he has to confirm first because the record showed that I already paid. He called someone while I tried to remember how I settled the payment. I checked my inbox and confirmed that I paid through Paypal πŸ˜€ 
My BeautyMNL Haul
Just a quick haul of the items I bought.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Two Way Cake Foundation
the BeautyMNL delivery was right on schedule, I needed a new powder. 

Hana Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Set (2 Bottles, 380mL each)

I got the set for only Php 129 (for two bottles). I didn’t like the scent though but maybe my brother can use them πŸ™‚

Zenutrients Hush Lavender & Citronella Anti-mosquito Sleeping Cream
– I bought this for my Cambodia trip, only for me to forget to bring πŸ™‚ 

Ofra Lipliner
– first time to buy from this brand but I read a lot of good reviews πŸ™‚ 

What I love about BeautyMNL?
1. I love the easy navigation and the minimalist feel of the website, making each product and its description stand out. 
2. I love how there is a separate section for anything Organic. 
3. Aside from makeup and skin care products, BeautyMNL also sells Accessories and Scents. 
4. BeautyMNL sells Lucas Papaw! My favorite! and it is good to know I can buy one in Manila via BeautyMNL.

5. BeautyMNL offers different payment options – cash on delivery, credit card or Paypal which is super convenient. 
6. I got the items the following day after I ordered which is super good especially that I needed a new face powder :p
7. There are tons of discounts and deals + freebies in BeautyMNL.
8. FREE SHIPPING for orders of Php 1,500 and up! 
What to improve on?
I felt like crying when I saw a product that I really like and when I clicked on it, it is Out of Stock. It happened to a couple of items I was eyeing at BeautyMNL. 
Overall, I love my BeautyMNL Online Shopping Experience. It is easy, convenient and reliable. 
Thank you BeautyMNL!

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