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Am I a Candidate for Breast Cancer?

November 27, 2016

I got my boobs genes from my mom (and she is proud of it). But a few months ago, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had undergone Mastectomy but she is still to undergo tests and chemotherapy to ensure that she is cancer-free. 

Although I never much worry about getting the dreaded disease, mom is always worried. She always looks at my breast and tell me, “those who have nice breasts, they get Breast Cancer“. I didn’t know surgery can make her see the future. 
The good news, genetic testing is now available in the Philippines through Asia Genomics Philippines.  Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy in Makati held a briefing conducted by Dr. Marcelo Imasa, medical oncologist at St. Lukes Medical Center. 
It appears that Philippines has the highest incidence rate of the disease with the figure 1 out of 13 Filipino women will develop a breast cancer. Although breast cancer develop on older women with no family history, there is still 5 to 10% risk that some carry inherited damaged cells. 
The genetic screening will help determine risks in order for doctors to provide guidance and treatments. Aside from medicine and assistance, it is also important for patients to have counseling.

Asia Genomics is a leading molecular diagnostics company driven to transform healthcare through the power of molecular biology technologies, including genomics in Asia.
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
Prenatal Diagnostics
Carrier Screening
BRCA 1/2 Gene Test

Hereditary Cancer Syndromes
Somatic Cancer
Inherited Heart Disorders
Neurological Disorders

Skin Disorders
Eye Disorders
Bone Disorders
Endocrine Disorders

The Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy is privileged to be the first and only pharmacy specializing
in custom compounded medication licensed by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration in 2014. Apotheca Integrated Pharmacy is committed to improve patient care by building strong relationships with doctors and patients like, be a trustworthy resource dedicated to the development of custom medication and ultimately the standard for quality and innovation in the industy. 
We may not have the cure for the Big C yet, but it is good to know that there are ways to determine how to prevent it. Cliche but will always hold true, prevention is better than cure. 
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