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Favorite Finds at Landers Superstore Otis

December 29, 2016

Ever since the Landers Superstore in Balintawak opened, my curiosity about the membership store never dropped to zero (or even 9). It even got to curiosity level 11 when Landers Superstore Otis opened. It was just a few kilometers from home (!!!).

Landers Superstore is a membership superstore that sells grocery selections – dry and canned goods, frozen good, poultry and meat, home essentials and even furniture. 

I promised my mom that we would have a bonding time and explore Landers Superstore Otis. Today, we did. I love that traffic was light on the way to Paco, Manila. 
Before the shopping spree, I needed to secure a Landers Membership Card. 

Thankfully, there’s still 20% discount for new membership application (from Php 800 to Php 640). I felt like a Senior Citizen availing a discount. 
The process is very easy. I filled out the form, paid the fee and they took my photo. In less than 10 minutes, I got my card!
Off we went inside to shop. 
Landers Superstore Otis
Landers Superstore Otis
Landers Superstore Otis
Landers Superstore Otis
I love the spacious space where big carts can roam around. 
I spotted the best deals in the aisle (Buy 1, Take 1 on Hershey’s Kisses and other chocolates). 
Landers Superstore is like your typical Membership Store – the difference is the variety of products available in the store. 
I am quiet surprised to see different variants of SPAM, Hershey’s Chocolates, and Coke.
I love the different ice cream brands and spices (!!!). What a combination? But seriously, if you love cooking (my mom does), this is heaven to you. I am not an ice cream person but I got overly excited when I saw the different ice cream brands! 
Landers Superstore Otis Mercer's ICe Cream
Most shared in social media!
This wine ice cream!
Landers Superstore Otis
But this is my new favorite!
Coolhaus Ice Cream! 
Landers Superstore Otis
We can go organic too!
But limited flavors – just chocolate and vanilla
More snacks!
Landers Superstore Otis
I can’t even finish one bottle of Nutella, then we have a tub!
Just by looking at it gives me toothache. 
Landers Superstore Otis
Bacon and Cheese?!
Landers Superstore Otis
Ginger Beer? Yes, this is so good!
Landers Superstore Otis
Voss!!! Down some fancy bottled water at Php 99! 
But it is not breakable bottle though. 

Landers Superstore Otis
This “Green Coke” is everything. 
Sweetened using natural sweetener – Stiva!
Landers Superstore Otis
Ah, spices!
Landers Superstore Otis
Choose your sausage preference!
Yay to Organic Sections!
Landers Superstore Otis
Landers Superstore Otis
Landers Superstore Otis
Best Deal from the Toiletries Section!
Burt’s Bees Set for only Php 679!
Landers Superstore Otis
Don’t forget the baked goods. But the best are the Cheesecake Factory goodies at Landers Superstore.
No need to book a flight to taste it!

We bought roasted chicken from the Rotisserie Station (1 whole chicken for Php 219 – not the best, but still good!). Landers Superstore also has food stations (and lots of chairs – perfect for those who are shopping with seniors) and I love the free bar style for drinks and condiments. 
Landers Superstore Otis

There is also a Barber Shop where our men can have their pampering session while the ladies do the shopping. 
Landers Superstore Otis
I told her she can get everything she wants and I’ll for for them. It appears, she wants a new LED TV! Yes, Landers Superstore also sells appliances. I think we need to go back. 
Ready to shop? 
How to Apply for Landers Superstore Membership Card?
Membership Fee: Php 800
Requirements: Two valid IDs
Validity: One year
Extension Card: Php 400; only one extension card can be availed
Membership Fee: Php 1,00
Requirements: Two valid IDs and a copy of business registration or business permit
Validity: One year
Extension Card: Php 400; up to four extension cards can be availed

**photos taken using Lenovo Vibe Shot

Landers Superstore OTIS
1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila
Landers Superstore BALINTAWAK
1106, 1252 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Balintawak, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila

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