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The Letter I Wrote Myself Last Year + 2016 Year-end Thoughts

December 31, 2016
Every end of the year, I write a letter to myself and I read it the following (end of) the year. 
I always have a funny feeling whenever I read the letter – and I tell myself, “see, you had an awesome year!”.
 I don’t make plans. I don’t have a bucket list. I guess, that is my little secret to enjoying life. I don’t let those articles you see in ThoughtCatalog and EliteDaily dictate how I would live my life. I let the future surprise me – and every year, the universe offers me pleasant surprises.  
Here is the letter I wrote myself last year. 

Dearest Ruth, 

It is the time of the year again. You are feeling scared of the future. You are lost, when all you needed is someone to be with you, listen to you and join you on your adventures. 

[i removed some parts of the letter i want to remain private]
Don’t let anyone destroy you. 
You thought you have all your game plan set, but there is something about the world that scares you. You are worried that “do what you love” is oftentimes not enough. Pray and seek guidance from Him. Cherish the people who love you. 
Just continue what you planned – take care of yourself (get that body back!), write about the things that you love and learn how to say NO. 
Keep the faith and believe in Him. 
You’ll visit more places!
Just here, 

True to what I promised myself last year, I did visit so many places – locally and internationally.  I think this year, I had taken the most plane rides. You can read about my travels here
Barcelona, February 2016
 I got to meet new friends and stayed connected with the closest ones (staying connected is always a challenge because my friends have different work, schedules and geographical location). 

Just some of the people who made my 2016 awesome
Although I celebrate life everyday, I got the chance to celebrate my birthday this year. It was magical and fun. 
It is not always an awesome day. But I chose to see the good things in life. 
2016 has been so awesome. I wish I had the time now to collate all the photos, videos (I was planning to do a year-end video just like what I did in 2015) and memories and put them all here to share with you guys; but I’d rather spend the rest of the hours with loved ones. 
Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me, everyday. Thank you to the people who trusted me and believed in me. Thank you for trusting the blog. Thank you to the people who stayed in my life and for allowing me to be part of theirs. Thank you guys for choosing to spend your time with me, for spending your time reading the blog (and my stories). Thank you to you for wanting me in your life and choosing me as someone you would like to spend the rest of your life with. 

All the good things in my life (experiences, skills, decisions, etc) and the people around me are all because of Him. 

Still my state.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year!

Can’t wait to be part of your adventures and successes!

PS. Try writing a letter to yourself now and read it on December 31, 2017. Tag me on your posts! I would want to read them! 

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