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Rinnai Cooking Range for Precision-enhanced Culinary Passion

December 28, 2016
Cooking is not just about mixing ingredients to come up with a dish. Before a nicely plated meal is served on the table, it involves one’s passion, skills and more importantly, a good appliance.
We, Filipinos love to eat and cook. Filipino homemakers are keen on giving members of their household only the best they deserve. Serving exquisite dishes made with the freshest ingredients, however, is better achieved with the proper appliances required. This is where the precision of technology comes in.
Serving exquisite dishes made with the freshest ingredients, however, is better achieved with the proper appliances required. This is where the precision of technology comes in.
Recently, Rinnai, the no. 1 appliance brand in Japan since 1920, demonstrated its desire to elevate the way Filipinos prepare their household meals. In a launch held at SM Megamall Atrium, Rinnai delighted guests with a firsthand experience of the Japanese technology and precision its tabletop stoves, hobs, cooking ranges, and range hoods can offer.
The impressive line of Rinnai cooking appliances is for Filipinos looking to invest in a full kitchen set-up or outfit a newly-purchased home. As a purveyor of high-end, technologically advanced, and visually-appealing kitchen equipment, Rinnai makes it possible for today’s homemakers to adopt the measured discipline professionals have with their cooking.

“Rinnai’s innovation has me fully-equipped to serve my kids the meals they deserve,” said Celebrity Chef Rosebud Benitez, who treated everyone at the launch with a cooking demo. “The technology really makes the difference. Not only does it elevate my craft, it’s precision engineering makes working in the kitchen a breeze.” Rinnai appliances are made under the premise that even the simplest of dishes require precision.

Rinnai’s cooking ranges with Gas Ovens have thermostats that serve as safety devices. When the burner is accidentally extinguished, the thermostat reacts and shuts off the gas supply to the oven.

Award-winning pâtissier Chef Miko Aspiras attested to the kind of craftsmanship the Rinnai brand brings to the table.

“Dessert-making is very visual. You delight people with the textures, the colors, even before they can respond to the taste,” Chef Miko explained. “Coming up with the exact plating requires measure and precision. Rinnai’s appliances help me do just that.”

More than a kitchen appliance brand, Rinnai delivers the precision required to cook meals crafted to exceed even the most discerning of tastes.

“Rinnai Philippines is proud to introduce a whole new range of kitchen appliances that will prove to be essential in the Filipino household,” shared Mitsui Industria Corporation’s General Manager John Chuakaw. “All our products come with a slew of exciting features designed to bring ease, comfort, and convenience to the Filipino’s cooking practice.”

RINNAI COOKING RANGE Models RFM-EE96MS-F and RFM-EE64MS-F have electric ovens that feature 9 functions. Aside from baking, grilling, and defrosting, these functions help in preparing complicated dishes with less time. They also have CATALYTIC CAVITIES that can absorb grease and reduces odors during cooking, making it easier to clean the oven cavity. Rinnai’s line of free-standing cooking range is fitted with Sabaf® burners, the world’s best in advanced burner technology.

In essence, a modern kitchen fitted with Rinnai appliances gives today’s homemakers the ability to offer their families a taste of something prepared with both passion and precision.

“With Rinnai, all you need is creativity for your craft. As for the precision, we’ve got you covered,” John ended.

Established in 1920, Rinnai is the largest manufacturer of gas appliances in Japan. For more information, visit their website at

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