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Travel | Day Zero to Davao

February 16, 2017
Davao Travel Diary
I got the chance to visit Davao in 2013 for a media launch but I didn’t get the time to explore the city. It was timely that AirAsia was having a seat sale and the #NognogintheCity asked me if I want to go. I said yes. He used his Big Points Rewards, while I booked my flight. 
Two weeks before the flight, we still didn’t have an itinerary (!!!) and we found out (lo and behold!), his booking didn’t push through (!!!). We didn’t know what went wrong. It could be a system error. He had to book for the same flight (thank God for extended seat sales!) and this time around, we were joined by the Rod Magaru. 
Manila to Davao: Change Flight Time and Date via AirAsia Online

Davao Travel Diary
I had to change my flight at the same flight that they took (they got the latest flight on a Friday). Air Asia allows change for itinerary as long as the flight is more than 48 hours. You can change time and date for a cost of Php 1,200 ++. 
So #ruroro traveled to Davao. I challenged myself to travel light and I was successful. I only brought my Cabin Zero backpack which worked for my advantage. Air Asia is pretty strict with luggage allowance. En route back to Manila, the ground attendants weigh in luggage and ask passengers to check in excess baggage (for additional cost!).
Davao Travel Diary
Cabin Zero back pack and my favorite white sneakers from @sperryph
Davao Travel Diary
Jacket Twinning with Rodel Flordeliz 😀 
Davao Travel Diary
Sneakers Twinning with Rod Magaru
Davao Travel Diary
I love this view during flight
Davao Travel Diary
The view from the aisle :p 
It was a 1.5 hours flight from Manila to Davao. We landed late night. From the airport, we took a cab to our city lodging – Davao Hub Dormitel Bed and Breakfast. 
Where We Stayed in Davao: Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast

Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast

We took budget travel too seriously and we booked a lodging via AirBnB. It was my first time. But as long as we have a decent washroom with Hot & Cold shower, and bed, I am all good. 
Davao Hub Dormitel Bed and Breakfast is rated highly by independent travelers – but just the same, I managed my expectations. Rate per night is around Php 1,300 (with breakfast)
We got a decent room with air-conditioning unit and Hot & Cold Shower. There is a wooden cabinet to keep all the stuff,  a TV set (which we rarely used!), and towels and soap. 
Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast
Hallway to the Smoking-area. Davao is very strict with Smoking Rules
Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast
Decent Room
Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast
As long as there is a working Hot & Cold Shower + running water I am good!
Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast
How honeymoonish!
Breakfast is served in the common area – toast and coffee. But they also have a set rice menu (not available on Sundays though).  

Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast
Tocilog for breakfast
Davao Hub Dormitel Bread and Breakfast
Love lazy mornings

Most of the guests who were staying in Davao Hub Dormitel Bed and Breakfast are backpackers. I think this is better compared to ones I expected where guests have to share a toilet. 
It is true that when you travel, you discover things about yourself. I discovered that I find it hard to share toilets and to change clothes inside a small toilet. :p  
Anyway, I love that our lodging is in the center of the city. There are restaurants in the area, stores and there’s a nearby 7-Eleven store. Taxi is also very much accessible. Our church is just walking distance from the dormitory which is a real bonus! Davao Hub Dormitel is just 400 meters away from People’s Park and Gaisano Mall. A good 30-minute cab ride from the airport. 
The staff is really nice and accommodating. During our last day, after coming from Samal Island, Davao Hub Dormitel Bed and Breakfast let us leave our baggage while we roam around the city before our flight. 
If you wish to book Davao Hub Dormitel Bed and Breakfast, you can book via AirBnB. Tell them you got to read about them in this blog 🙂 
We went to bed around 2:00 in the morning. 
.. to be continued.
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