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2017 Summer Essentials

March 6, 2017

It is not yet officially summer but it is good to prepare the summer essentials before we hit the beach and embrace the sun. 

Here are my 2017 Summer Essentials: 

Stylish Bikinis
First things first, new bikinis and swimwear.
Side story: I usually buy from Victoria’s Secret online but I am bummed to learn that they would stop selling swimwear (and would instead focus on selling Active Wear). You should have imagined how my life was slightly shattered. I have been buying swimwear from Victoria’s Secret for a long time because their line is durable, affordable and gives good coverage. The best part, I already know my size that I can buy online even the need to fit them. 

2017 Summer Essentials
2017 Summer Essentials
It was a perfect timing to discover that a local brand called Cesa offers the same quality of swimwear – affordable, stylish and durable. I always have problems buying two piece bikini because most of the stores in Manila do not allow selling different sizes for bikini top and bikini bottom. Sometimes I take small for bottom and medium for top. Anyway, excited to wear my new swimwear!

Use “CESASummerBlowout” when ordering online to get 10% discount + FREE SHIPPING!
Shop at

Body Scrubs
Before (and after) we flaunt our skin and beach body, it is good to scrub and exfoliate our skin for a more flawless feel Cesa recently introduced Cesa Skin which carries Body Scrubs and Rope Soaps. 

2017 Summer Essentials

Cesa Body Scrub Php 350/1 small tub

Cesa Body Scrubs come in different yummy scents! The best thing is that these are free from harmful chemicals and detergents. It is moisturizing too because of the coconut oil. 

Rope Soap

Who ever thought of this innovation is so clever! We oftentimes lose a bar of soap whenever we use the common washroom (at the beach or hostel, maybe?). This is the reason I usually bring liquid soap.

2017 Summer Essentials

Coral Citrus (Cucumber scent)
Deep Marine (Lavender scent)
Coffee Biscuit (Coffee scent)
Strawberry Daiquiri (Strawberry-Olive scent)
Coco Lemon Pie (Coconut-Lemon scent
Php 250/each 120 grms

After use, we can just hang the rope soap and let it dry – instead of soaking it in the soap dish.

I love that the Cesa Rope Soap comes in different yummy variants. Main ingredients include coco essential oils, menthol crystal, and aloe extract.

I got a new favorite! The Biore UV Watery Gel (for face) and Biore Perfection Spray. Biore is the number 1 sunscreen in Japan. Biore is  very light, easily absorbed by the skin and is non-greasy. Beach or not, you can use these sunblock products.

You can read my review of Biore products here.

2017 Summer Essentials
2017 Summer Essentials
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel Sunblock Php 460
Biore UV Perfect Spray Php 299
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Php 420

Lip Balm: Bam Balm by Beach Born

I always have problem with dry lips – be it cold or hot weather. Thankfully, there’s Bam Balm by Beach Born. It is ultra-moisturizing with peppermint oil to reduce fine lines and plumps the lips for healthier pink  and youthful look.

2017 Summer Essentials  Bam Balm

Bam Balm by Beach Born Php 168/tube

For beach and road trips, I do not wear expensive sunglasses. I chose funky and cute sunglasses that I can abuse πŸ™‚ I usually buy from Forever 21 and Mini So πŸ™‚ These sunnies cost around Php 300 to Php 500. Won’t give you a heartache if you lose them or break them. 
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Brazilian Wax by The Strip
Maybe we need a private conversation here πŸ™‚ But seriously, girls need to make sure that we are bikini -ready.

2017 Summer Essentials

Excited to try the Limited Edition Mulled Wine Wax at The Strip!

I want to kick myself for not buying a good camera for my previous travel adventures. More than posting for Instagram (hey, follow me @ruthilicious), I enjoy looking back at old photos (especially ones that cannot be shared/posted online :p )
2017 Summer Essentials
Stalking and shooting πŸ˜€ 
What good is an adventure if you don’t share it with people you enjoy spending and wasting time with?

If you feel that these essentials are not sufficient for you to go bold and daring this summer, you might need to ramp up your personal style.  One way to explore and take advantage of is the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons. 23andMe  provides DNA tests to check your background and ancestry. Interesting result might give you the edge to jazz up your personal style. 

What are your 2017 summer essentials?
Comment below! Would want to learn from you too!
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