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Are You a True Wanderer? Win a Trip to Batanes for 2 + Php100k Wrangler Products

March 6, 2017

Are You a True Wanderer? Win a Trip to Batanes for 2 + Php100k Wrangler Products 

Are you a true wanderer? Do you seek adventure and love to explore new places? 
 I would like to think I am. I accept challenges – be it in land, air or sea (and that is coming from someone who doesn’t know how to swim). But I know I have restrictions and I always admire people who make traveling part of their lifestyle that road has become their home. 

Sky Dive
Helmet Dive
Helmet-kind of Adventure 🙂 

I always hang in there
The True Wanderer campaign is back and it is bolder and wider as Wrangler reaches out to all type of wanderers who have what it takes to be the next Open Road Hero. 
The denim brand for the free-spirited aims to inspire everyone to pack their bags, take on the adventure and see every parts of the Philippines. 
Wrangler would want you to tell your stories via photographs and captions (think Instagram!).
The True Wanderer Competition will select 20 finalists to embark on a 3-day journey to finish 4 challenges that will test their skills and wits as an Open Road Hero. 

The finalists will then participate in a photo competition that will be divided into themes each week. 

The photos are to be posted weekly on Wrangler’s Philippines’ page along with a story as to how traveling inspires their inner Open Road Hero. 

One winner will be chosen by panel of judges who will win an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Batanes and Php 100,000 worth of Wrangler gears. 
Sounds exciting?

To take part on this competition, post on Facebook a travel photo captioned with story of why you are an Open Road Hero with hashtags #TrueWanderer #Live2Wander. Deadline is on April 19 with maximum entries of 3 photos per person. Make sure your post is PUBLIC and tag Wrangler Philippines. 
While you are at it, take a moment to appreciate how cute and adorable Jericho Rosales is! 
True Wanderer wrangler Jericho Rosales
Always Mr. Pogi
True Wanderer wrangler Jericho Rosales
Wrangler Streetstyle
True Wanderer wrangler Jericho Rosales
I love his Bad Boy-ish look.

True Wanderer wrangler Jericho Rosales
I see you. Let’s wander.
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