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Philam Vitality Active App : Get Rewarded for Being Fit

March 23, 2017
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Get Rewarded for Being Fit: Philam Life Vitality App Review

When they say that summer bodies are made in winter, I just gave them an excuse that we don’t have Winter in Manila 🙂 

I don’t have issues starting with a diet or exercise plan. I am always up for trying something new. I fail at being consistent with the plan though.

I tried to incorporate exercise and eating/choosing healthier food in my everyday activities. But I think I need something to make me feel committed. I know is good to celebrate simple accomplishments and reward oneself for reaching certain (fitness) goals. Truth be told, I tend to cheat on it and make everyday a reason to celebrate. 
I recently discovered a fitness app that rewards users to staying fit and reaching goals. The Philam Vitality App is a simplified version of the Philam Vitality Program which is designed to reward its users for every personal health goal they achieved.

Philam Vitality Free Movie

The Philam Vitality App is available in Google Play and Apple Store. 
Upon registration, I was tasked to complete a questionnaire to calculate my Vitality Age. I was shocked that the app tells me my vitality age is 44! Vitality Age is a measure of how healthy you are relative to your actual age. It measures all aspects of your wellness like exercise, nutrition and stress.
The Philam Vitality App then challenges me to complete certain number of steps as measured by a fitness device or free fitness app. I connected my Garmin Fitness Band to track my steps and activities. I have it for quite a while and I feel that I didn’t need it. Now, I am obsessed with it and I make sure that I complete my daily target. 

Philam Life Vitality App

If you don’t have a fitness band, you can download fitness tracker on your phone like Polar, Misfit or Strava. 

At the end of each week, after completing the task, users may get rewarded with SM Cinema Tickets, SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink and Exploreum. I am aiming for SM Cinema Tickets!!!
Through the Philam Vitality App, Philam Life achieves their mission to change public perception towards life insurance policies.

“Realizing how important good health is and how it is central to human happiness and economic progress, the Philam Group, together with our parent company AIA, will reinvent life insurance by changing our (and our customer’s) attitude towards health,” said Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos.

Now, I feel that my fitness plan has a direction. I make sure that I monitor my fitness band that it is not coding red and I stay active. I make sure that I achieve my daily target (7,500 + steps!), and get rewarded at the end of the week. 
The Philam Vitality app requires users to accomplish the daily goal to earn 50 points. 
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Guilty as charged, but I really want to feel legit accomplished by getting a reward. I also love the challenges and competition among my friends who are also using the Philam Vitality App. 
Download the app and register using codes, ACTIVEALYSSA or ACTIVEMIKA (type in lower case)
The codes represent Philam Life’s ambassadors – volleyball players Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes. These two athletes help encourage Filipinos to be more fit and active. 
Join in the fun and download the Philam Vitality app! 8 Garmin Vivo Watches are up for grabs as prizes from March 1 to April 30, 2017.

Philam Vitality Free Movie
I am now ready to claim my rewards! After completing and reaching my targets for 2 consecutive weeks, I can now claim one of the Philam Vitality App Rewards:
philam vitality reward
I can choose from SM Movie Ticket, Ice Skating Pass, Bowling Pass, Exploreum Ticket, Blink Credis or Globe/TM Php 200 Load. 
I am on my third week now and positive to hit my target again this week. 
I never realized simple rewards can help me stay focused and motivated 🙂 

How do you stay motivated on your fitness plans?
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