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The Best Things to Do in London with Kids

April 20, 2017
The Best Things to Do in London with Kids
London offers plenty of excitement for people of all ages. If you’re planning for a family holiday, then you should definitely consider heading out to the capital of the United Kingdom. To make your trip fun and interesting, here are the best things you can do in the capital city with kids.

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Shop for toys
Now, kids love toys and if you’ve promised them a toy from the city break, then there are a few great places to go looking. If you want a magical experience, even without buying anything, you should visit Harrod’s Toy Kingdom. The place has everything and it’s the perfect place for the kids to check out toys – indeed, you are allowed and encouraged to play! If the price tags seem a little too much to bear, you can find Hamleys’ famous toy store in Regent’s Street.
If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst for sweet stuff, then the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies store is a fun place to explore with kids. You can enjoy treats like zombie mints and earwax fudge – now, what could be better?
Become a tube driver for a moment
Your kids might also enjoy having a go at driving the famous tube. While you can’t quite do it without a degree on the real tracks, you can visit the London Transport Museum and do it in a simulator. The museum is also close to the DLR line, which is a driverless train with spots right at front – the best way to imagine yourself driving the real thing!
Sail along the Thames
Every big city needs a river and London has the Thames. The river is perfect for sightseeing and you can find the hop-on, hop-off river cruises a good way to travel around the city. The cruise in itself is fun and allows you to enjoy the city from a distance. A river cruise is a great way to be entertained and relaxed at the same time.
Experience a city farm
London doesn’t sound like the best place for meeting wildlife, but there are plenty of animal activities to experience in the city. The high buildings and busy sounds of the tube hold a secret: stunning city farms. Now there are plenty of farms in the capital to go to and meet wonderful animals from pigs to alpacas.
One of the best is Hackney City Farm – which is home to the country’s only red breed big.
Hang out with exotic animals
If farm animals are not exciting enough, London has a big zoo full of gorillas, tigers and penguins. You can even become a zookeeper – experiencing what it’s like to feed some of the zoo’s most popular animals.
Get interactive
Travelling with the family doesn’t mean that you can’t also educate your kids. London has plenty of great museums to do just that and you definitely want to visit the Science Museum. Why? Because it allows everyone to test out different things and play with the different appliances on site. It’s a great interactive experience and you won’t feel like walking around in a dusty old museum. Not to mention that you don’t even need a ticket to enter!
Climb up the O2
The older member’s of the family are going to love trying some of London’s most daredevil experiences. At the top of this list is climbing up the O2 – the 53 metre- high roof offers a great opportunity to be a Spiderman and enjoy the view of this beautiful city. There’s a cable cart nearby as well for the younger members to enjoy while others are conquering the O2.
Travel back in time in the London Dungeons
You might also enjoy taking the family on a time travel through the old streets of London. The Dungeon takes visitors on a journey that is both exciting and spooky at the same time! You will hear spine-chilling stories and be able to witness some horrific re-enactments of the troubles in the past. Just don’t go if you are faint-hearted!
How to make the most of your days in London
The above offers quite a good range of options for you to pick from for your days out in London. Make sure you have a few options prepared for the day, but don’t create a too hectic schedule – the traffic in the capital can be slow and chaotic at times.
You should definitely book tickets in advance to your favourite attractions. This can help you save money and time, as you don’t need to stand in the queue on the big day. You can often find extra savings on – be sure to check it out.
So, pick your favourites from the above suggestions and take the family on a once-in- a-lifetime experience in the city of London.
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