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May 3, 2017

Staying Creative with SM Stationery Artsy Materials

SM Art Fest 2017

I got a bunch of really cool art stuff from SM Stationery during the Art Fest 2017 and I thought of being creative and playful with them. 

I missed sitting on an art desk and getting creative. I missed the time when I would do accessories and decoupage crafts that I would sell online (hello, Multiply!) and to my former co-workers. The time came when I would get a lot of orders that I had to rush home, work on the orders, sleep and prepare to go to the office.  I used to be very craftsy that I even made scrapbooks (the things you do when you are in love). 

Anyway, sharing with you some things I came up with using the SM Stationery art materials. 

First, the Elmer's Glitter Glue! It is my first time to use this kind of glue from Elmer's; although I mainly use the white glue for my decoupage projects. I thought I would use the fancy paper I got to make a card and just write a note on the cover. It worked! Not the best but it worked! :D 

Elmer's Glitter Glue
Elmer's Glitter Glue

I love that I can make glittery art without messing with glitters. 

Next up, I tried my hands at water coloring! I got a Simbalion Watercolor Cake in 16 colors. I seriously didn't want to touch it (just like make up palette) because it looks so beautiful. :p I was surprised that it gave a vivid and solid colors. 

 Simbalion Watercolor
 Simbalion Watercolor

The last time I did watercoloring was when I was in school! I couldn't believe I found it hard to make my hand steady to glide it gracefully (blame my work as a barista)

I received a lot of pens from Pilot, Dong-A and M&G and I think I can use them now that I feel the need to write more (offline). I especially love the pens from M&G which is colored and glittered that can make even a simple note extra meaningful. 

The Sharpie Permanent Markers are also my favorites! I love how I can make a lot of things using Sharpee! I thought I would buy plain mugs and draw art or just doodle. I love Sharpie because it doesn't have any strong odor, is smear-proof and dries quickly (the brand we used for marking cups - barista days!). 

sharpee pens project
sharpee pens project

I really like the Sharpie Fine Pens which I can use to when I want to get fancy or romantic. :p

How do you stay creative?

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