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I Love My Rice, But I am Eating More US Potatoes

May 4, 2017
I love my rice. If I have a nice dish in front of me, I would not look for someone to share it with, I would rather, look for a cup of rice – or an extra rice. That’s how most Filipinos are. I am, however, in search for a healthier substitute for rice and I found that US potatoes are the best option! 

People always wonder how I can eat so much rice and still not gain weight. Truth be told, I gained a lot. No violent reactions, please. That is, comparing my old self to my present self. More than having a good figure worthy of a square space in Instagram, I want to stay healthier and more fit so I can do more and visit more places.  #travelmore
health benefit us potatoes
Lately, I am eating less rice inspired by the @iamjeffreyong who lost weight and maintaining a healthier body (we got to travel with him in Anguib Beach). I need a substitue for rice and found US potatoes a healthier substitute. Many would think that they are the same thing – a load of carbohydrates; but US potato meals are healthy options because of its natural nutritional content. Everything literally boils down to cooking and how they are prepared. When properly prepared, US potatoes can lessen the risk of heart ailments and can aid in living a healthier eating lifestyle. 

health benefit us potatoes

Now that I am working out more, I include US potatoes in my daily meal along with bananas.  US potatoes are rich in Vitamin B6 which is needed for athletic performance and endurance. It also help restore electrolyte balance through Sodium and Potassium found in US potatoes skin. We lose these electrolytes when we sweat. 
health benefit us potatoes
health benefit us potatoes

Aside from that, it is also cholesterol-free, has zero saturated fat, and a good source of potassium, fiber and vitamin C. 

The next time you are out in the grocery, pick those US potatoes and get loads of them. Make french fries at home, or include them in your favorite Filipino dishes like Menudo, Caldereta and Mechado. If you have more time, prepare a healthy salad or mashed potatoes. 
US potatoes are delicious and healthier. Your body would love you. 
For more info on the nutritional benefits of US Potatoes, visit or

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