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Join the FitFil Challenge to Collectively Lose 1 Million Pounds! #GetReadytoLive

June 26, 2017
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
Join the FitFil Weight Loss Challenge! 
Getting into fitness is like being in a relationship. You have to commit your time and your self to achieve a happily ever after with your fitness goal. 
We always commit to losing weight but fail in the middle of the game because of distractions and all the other factors in our lifestyle. Here’s a movement that would make you commit and feel like you are part of the team to #GetReadytoLive.

Last Saturday, I joined the FWD Life Philippines, the country’s most exciting fitness brand in supporting Fit Filipino (FitFil) Movement’s National Weight Loss Challenge. The movement is spearheaded by power couple and fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret which aims to keep the Philippine populace moving in the name of health and wellness. The goal is collectively lose 1 million pounds during the campaign which started June 6 to December 6, 2017. 
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
with @rodmagaru 
I remember during our travel in Davao – every morning he would force me to break his planking record :p
@rodmagaru and I came prepared for the biggest fitness party – we made sure we were #ootd compliant 😀 
Before the event started, we got acquainted with Coach Jim and Toni who only have inspiring words about being fit and strong. Through this campaign, they wish to inspire new wave of awareness for the health benefits of keeping fit. 
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
So proud of our policemen!
I was looking for Cardo Dalisay, though (I am a fan of the character) 😀 
You see, being fit and strong is not all about looking slim and thin. I remember when we joined a cross-fit training (also hosted by Coach Jim and Toni), I met amazing, strong people in different sizes, shapes and age groups. 
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
#LivetoMove !!!
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
wih @itskellymedina – such a fitspo!
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
with 1/2 of Kumare Club – Badet and Levy! 
Love these two mommies who always strive to stay fit!
I always think that starting with a healthier and stronger body would help me do more things and achieve my goals. I aim to go to different places and experience more in life – and I need to be fit to be able to do it. 
 FitFil Weight Loss Challenge 2017
The FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge is supported by the country’s premier medical organizations led by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA), Philippine Heart Association (PHA), Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines (NDAP), and Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), the Philippine National Police (PNP) Department of Science and Technology (DoST), various universities, local government units (LGUs) , Fitness clubs, no numerous corporations have likewise pledged their support for the challenge.
I already committed to losing 5 pounds, how about you?
To join the movement, visit
Post photos of your progress with hashtag #GetReadytoLive #LivetoMove 

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