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Travel | Davao Day 1: Davao Impressions + Davao Itinerary 4 Days & 3 Nights

February 20, 2017
Davao People's Park OOTD

Travel | Davao Day 1: Davao Impressions + Not the Best Itinerary for Travelers

I never expected our recent Davao trip to be too chill and relaxed. Literally chill, as the temperature drops and way too relaxed, which means leaving hotel at 11 in the morning. 

It is ironic that when we didn’t have the best accommodation, it was when we stayed longer in bed. :p

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There is so much to see and experience in Davao. We only needed to walk from our dormitel to visit a park and ride cabs (which cost us around Php 75 to Php 100) to visit attractions. I wish we had more time.

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Davao is the hometown of the current Philippine President – Rodrigo Duterte.  The truth is,  I feel like I am in another country during our 4-day trip. Everyone is so disciplined and takes pride of being a Davaoeno. Curfew to minors are strictly imposed (10:00 pm) and liquor ban is on at 1:00 in the morning. You cannot just smoke or throw trash anywhere. Cars would stop when they see us crossing the streets – you would seldom experience that in Manila! In Manila, you would always have to gesture “stop!” as if you are part of the Spice Girls. I felt safe and relaxed strolling around the park, and leaving my bag, smartphone and camera – just to do the obligatory #ootd.

Rodel took charged and created the itinerary. As usual, I am good for whatever adventure – hiking/island hopping or even lazing in a coffeeshop (as long as I have the time to attend worship services). 

The Suggested Itinerary for 4-Day Trip to Davao

Feb 10, 2017 (Friday)
8:45 PM Manila to Davao
10:40 PM Arrival at Davao
11:30 PM Check in Airbnb | Davao Hub: General Luna St., 8000 Davao City, Philippines
12:00 MN Dinner or Sleep

Feb 11, 2017 (Saturday)
8:00 AM  Breakfast
9:00 AM Malagos (Location: Calinan) Recommendation: Chocolate, Fresh Milk, Cocoa – Php 450 for weekends includes entrance, buffet lunch and bird show (sunday) | Entrance Only – Php 200
11:00 PM Malagos / Philippine Eagle
1:00 PM Travel Back to City Proper
2:00 PM Lachi’s with Davao Bloggers
5:00 PM Back to Hotel | FREE TIME
8:00 PM Dinner at Matina Town Square

Feb 12, 2017 (Sunday)
5:30 AM Sunday Church (Rodel)
6:00 AM Sunday Church (Ruth)
8:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 Noon Lunch at Sea Garden
1:00 PM Travel to EDEN
2:00 PM EDEN Park
7:00 PM dinner – Bulalohan sa Buhangin | Loc: Buhangin

Feb 13, 2016 (Monday)
10:00 AM D’Bone Collector (Php 70)
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:00 PM Off to Samal
2:00 PM Check in at La Vida Orchard
3:00 Tour Samal Island
Suggested Places to Visit in Samal Island:Monfort Bat CaveHaguimit FallsVanishing islandMamacao SpringTagbaobo FallsIsland Hopping (Samal, Talikud, Malipano, Ligid)

Feb 14, 2017 (Tuesday)
Morning: Island Tour

12:00 Noon Check out La Vida Orchard
1:00 PM Davao City proper
4:00 PM Ruth at Airport
6:25 PM Departure to Manila
9:00 PM Rodel Rod at Airport
11:20 PM Rod and Rodel Departure to Manila
1:05 Arrival in Manila

Sounds like a promising itinerary, but we only accomplished half of it. The better news, we were not too stressed and pressed with time during this trip. 
Now, the reality was – we got up later than expected. I woke up earlier (had my alarm set off at 6:30 which Rod didn’t appreciate!) Haha. But since we were all waiting for someone to move his/her butt, we all got up late. To be fair with me, I am pretty much adaptive when it comes to call times. I can always adjust my wake-up call and body. Remember our Cambodia trip when Rodel set crazy call times like 3 in the morning? 😀 
Anyway, on Day 1 of our Travel to Davao, we decided to nearby places – People’s Park and D’Bone Collector’s Museum. 

People’s Park

Davao People's Park OOTD
Davao People's Park OOTD
Davao People's Park OOTD
Davao People's Park OOTD
I love how I feel safe and relaxed inside People’s Park. The park opens at 1:00 in the afternoon, but since we are “tourists” from Manila, the guards let us in. 
Rodel Flordeliz
Rod Magaru
Rod Magaru
Davao People's Park OOTD
Rodel Flordeliz
First time to wear something like a “couple shirt” 😀 Yes, people were looking at us and prolly thinking we were some promodizers for a social media app 😀 
D’Bone Collectors Museum
I am not a museum-type of girl (unless we are visiting a toy or Harry Potter museum!). Well, okay it depends who you are with!

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The D’Bone Collector’s Museum is an interesting place to visit. It has over 700 specimens which are mostly donated by owners of animals who died because of natural death. I enjoyed the guided tour of the 3-storey museum which features wild animals and the most dangerous of its kind – like that of the bird that can open your stomach which just a quick kick. Afraid!!! 

Dbone Collectors Davao
Rodel Flordeliz
Dbone Collectors Davao Photos
Dbone Collectors Davao Photos
Dbone Collectors Davao Photos

We got to meet the owner, Darrell D. Blatchley who started his interest in bones at the age of 12. 
Take this blog entry as an online petition to bring Lachi’s in Manila! When the cab driver dropped us off in front of Lachi’s, he told us it is one of the best restaurants in Davao and the food is REALLY good. I would take anything and everything as I was starving. 
Dbone Collectors Davao Photos
There was a queu to be seated; thankfully, our Davao Blogger friends reserved a table for us. 
They served us REALLY good food! I love everything especially the Asian Spicy Chicken! 

Lachi's Davao Restaurant
Lachi's Davao Restaurant
Lachi's Davao Restaurant
Lachi's Davao Restaurant
Can you tell I was so sleepy?! 😀 With the youngest blogger in Davao 😀

Lachi’s is very popular because of its Sans Rival. I am not really into sweets, but I love the Symphony Torte (imagine mocha buttercream and chocolate ganache!) and the selections of cheesecake. Everyone was eyeing the Green Tea Cheesecake (which is also really good – and that is coming from someone who doesn’t like Matcha Green Tea) 😉 
Lachi's Davao Bloggers
#RuRoRo with Davao Bloggers
Thank you for having us!!! 
Watch Ria’s Vlog here!
Roxas Night Market, Davao

Roxas Night Market Davao

At night, we visited the Roxas Night Market. The place was bombed late last year (and you could tell I was pretty scared to go to crowded places) but then again, I was thinking these people would not bomb a place twice (right?). There are police officers in different entrance points which made me safer. 
The Roxas Night Market reminds me of the Baguio Night Market and the far end road reminds me of Siem Reap. The creek very much resembles the one near our hotel in Cambodia (I have yet to blog about it. Stay tuned!). 

Roxas Night Market

Roxas Night Market, Davao

When you are in the streets, try the street food. BBQ pork is at Php 5.00 and Siomai is Php 20/7 small pieces. 

Nognog in the City
Unplanned but we were #OOTD in sync 😀 

Coffee Grounds, Davao

As suggested by the Davao Bloggers, we visited Coffee Grounds for real dinner. True to my expectations, the place is instagrammable! It is right at the end of Roxas Extension and is walkable from the Roxas Night Market.

Coffee Grounds Davao
Coffee Grounds Davao
Coffee Grounds Davao

I love the London-themed interior and brick walls. We stayed at the second level where there is a nice booth stations that provide privacy for diners.

We had pasta and pizza (Bacon, Mango and Pineapple) for dinner.  Food is pretty decent which starts at Php 150. Our total damage is at Php 780. 

Coffee Grounds Davao
Coffee Grounds Davao
Coffee Grounds Davao
Cute dates! 

.. to be continued.

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