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Why I Always Pack Another Luggage to Leave at Home Whenever I Travel?

August 12, 2017
 Why I Always Pack Another Luggage to Leave at Home Whenever I Travel? + 2017 Disaster Prepared Resilience
Why I Always Pack Another Luggage to Leave at Home Whenever I Travel?  
2017 Disaster Prepared Resilience Forum
Whenever I travel, I always pack 2 luggage (or 3 depending on where I am going). One is for my adventure, the other will always be left at home. My family knows what is the other luggage for. In case of emergency, they only need to grab just that luggage. It contains all the items I want to be saved – external drive, photos, school records, gadgets, letters, etc.   

Ten years ago, our home burnt down and my mom told me that she went back to our room to grab the folder that contains my important documents. I wasn’t home at that time. I lost everything including photos. I didn’t expect that it would happen to  us but it did. Just like luck, disasters and emergencies can happen to any of us. 
But who can predict emergencies and disasters?  It is good that people think I am brave, fearless and will go on any adventure.  But I have my fears too – like flying cockroach, getting stuck in traffic and facing disasters. It is truly a life skill to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. 
I felt the need to update my “emergency luggage” and make it lighter after attending the 2017 Ready Disaster Resilience Forum held in Makati Shangrila Hotel last August 9, 2017 hosted by Cebuana Lhuillier. The mission is to equip society’s most vulnerable sectors against the onslaught of calamities, the nation‟s biggest names in disaster management, risk reduction, and post-disaster rehabilitation convened.
These are the things that I refuse to entertain in my thoughts but need my attention – especially with frequent disasters and emergencies happening around the globe from earthquakes, typhoons and even terrorist attacks.
 In partnership with the Insurance Commission, the Climate Change Commission, and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the event was organized to serve as a platform to discuss measures on disaster resiliency for MSMEs, the agriculture sector, and high-risk communities. It is also a venue to educate the public about the role of microinsurance in disaster preparedness. The convenors and partners of this year‟s forum see microinsurance as a vital preparedness tool, which helps protect Filipinos from the harsh effects brought by calamities
2017 Disaster Prepared Resilience

It is a timely topic to discuss and a positive tone to echo nationwide. Most often, we only live to survive and accept the effects of the disasters more than being equipped to act, empower and protect ourselves. We oftentimes wonder how other countries like Japan can move forward from the more destructive disasters in no time. I think it is the time for Philippines to do the same. It is empowering to see different sectors, brands, key leaders and even volunteers work on this project. 
Other initiatives rolled out under Cebuana Lhuillier’s disaster resilience campaign include the launch of Cebuana Alerto, an Android app that provides real-time disaster-related information, the formation of the Microinsurance Agents Association of the Philippines (MIAAP), an organization founded to promote the interest and welfare of microinsurance agents nationwide, and the introduction of Claims Rapid Action in a Disaster-Stricken Area Operations (RAPIDO), an initiative that enables Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions (CLIS) to immediately process and settle claims right at the site where a disaster had just occurred. 
At home, we can be more proactive and prepared by having our own Emergency Bag or Luggage (like the one I have). 
What should be in your Emergency Bag?
food, canned goods and bottled water. Keep food in pest-proof containers. 
(always good to be extra prepared in case when immediate help is not available). 
Gold Seas Tuna Chunks Philippines
I think I can live with SPAM for days but  I love these Gold Seas Tuna Chunks which are pure, wholesome, healthy, chunky goodness because it is made from meatier tuna loin or chunks. It is rich in Omega 3, packed with lean protein and has lesser oil content and more meat compared to other canned tuna brands.  I love that they come in different gourmet flavors!
Sip Purified Water
My current favorite bottled water @Sippurifiedwater. 
More affordable compared to other bottle water brands. 
tools like can opener, pliers and wrench (to turn off electrical supply).
first aid kit (medicines, band-aids, alcohol, etc). 
Colgate Active Salt
Salt can cure anything and this is an exciting new product from Colgate that helps keep your gums and teeth healthy.
sanitation and personal hygiene items (tissue, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes and sanitary napkin).
Emergency Kit
I always have a Swiss Army Knife at home and Whistle I got from the #ProjectHeadShot I participated in a few years ago. 
whistle (for calling for help – remember how this saved Rose in Titanic?)
power banks and batteries (always regularly check). 
– toys or any comfort items (if you have kids).
family & emergency contact list 
blankets, rain coat & extra clothes. 
Just like traveling, I want to keep the Emergency Luggage light. 

Are there anything you want to add on the list? 
What’s in your Emergency Bag?
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