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Golf Fashion + Golf Day at Pradera Verde

September 6, 2017
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
When I was informed about the weekend staycation at Pradera Verde, my friend told me that I need to prepare clothes for wakeboarding and golf. 
We were all rather clueless on what to wear in a golf course as it would be our first time to play the sport. When we arrived in Pradera Verde, we were surprised to find out we thought of coordinating outfits. 

Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
Squad: Rodel Flordeliz, MJ de Leon, Gus Villa, Rod Magaru, 
Ruth dela Cruz and Edward Santos
Writing about this entry makes me realized that there is such a thing as Golf Clothing Etiquette. More like a corporate dress code. The clothes that we wear make us feel more confident, comfortable and set the mood for decorum. 
Here are what we wore during our Golf Day in Pradera Verde
Golf Fashion
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
Gus Villa Rodel Flordeliz Ruth dela Cruz

It came as a surprise that Gus, Rodel and I wore the same shades. 

It was a bit tricky for girls to find golf clothes. I choose polo shirt, a white skirt (which is more of a tennis skort) – it comes with a shorts inside which is perfect for swinging, and shoes from Cole Haan.

For the boys, choose light colored polo shirt and white shorts or cotton pants. 
Most of the golf courses would not allow tank tops, jeans and slippers – so it is good to come in your stylish and comfortable golf clothes. 
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
What I Wore That Day
Polo Shirt: Uniqlo
Skort: Oakley
Shoes: Cole Haan
Watch: Diesel

What Not to Wear in a Golf Course
Most of the Golf Clubs have strict dress code. Here are the things that you cannot wear inside a Golf Corse:

Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde

Open-toed shoes or flip flops. Keep them in the beach. 
Denims. They look so casual and don’t blend with the aesthethics. Keep the rock n roll feel outside the field. 
Tank Tops and Revealing Clothes. Tops should have collars neatly pressed and should be tucked in. This means no tank tops, tube tops, bikini tops and short shorts. Girls should have their thighs covered and should be able to bend over without someone seeing your underwear 🙂 
Too Loud Clothes. You may not be kicked out of the golf course, but you might look out of place. Anything with emblazoned brand name or prints should stay in the streets (I know, they are so in now!).  

Fancy Jewelry. Keep everything simple. A nice watch, a simple stud earrings and ring are okay. Dangling earrings, clicking bangles and multi-layered necklaces may be worn at the victory party :p

Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde

With the proper attire, I felt the competitive spirit inside me, aiming to hit the ball on the first swing. I would like to think I did well in focusing and hitting the ball – but I just needed a little more energy on my swings. Everything goes perfect with practice.  

Watch my silly video here:
We had a little fun time practicing, learning on our own, and caring less with what the other players think of our silly jokes. 
I am not a certified golfer, but I heard that Pradera Verde has a world-class golf course with lush greens everywhere. There is a bar, restaurant, function room, massage room, and gym.  There are caddies on stand-by which can easily assist guests for quick transfers. The best part is, it is open for public and there is no membership fee.

Pradera Verde Golf Course Rates
Green Fee
Weekdays Php 1,200 (9 holes) | Php 2,000 (18 holes)
Weekends Php 1,500 (9 holes) | Php 2,500 (18 holes)
Direct Caddy Fee Php 300 | Php 500/pax
Insurance Php 50 | Php 50
Golf Cart Php 400 | Php 800
If you guys are planning to learn how to play golf, check out Pradera Verde. It is just 2-hour drive from Manila and can be visited via commute. It is along the highway and you can take a Genesis or Victory Liner bus going to Olangapo or Balanga. Ask conductor if it will pass by Lubao, Pampanga, Get off at Pradera Verde. 
Golf Fashion Golf Course Pradera Verde
Always fun to try new things with these boys

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