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Wakeboarding Experience at Pradera Verde + Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did

September 5, 2017
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
Wakeboarding Experience at Pradera Verde + Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did 
Tips for Beginners
Typing this blog entry with sore muscle and body. I never expected that wakeboarding can give me such immobility. I know that it was not an easy sport to try – especially for someone who doesn’t know how to swim. But when you found your grove, you would feel more challenged to go and get dragged by the thrilling experience. 
We spent the weekend at Pradera Verde, a wakeboard park in Lubao Pampanga. It was my third time in Pradera Verde, but it was my first time to try wakeboarding. 

My first visit at Pradera Verde was during the Lubao Hot Air Balloon Festival. 
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
It never looked so easy on me 😀
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
I was a bit scared to try the sport – always thinking of what’s the worst that could happen aside from probably experiencing bikini/swimwear malfunction. I wore rash guard and even kept my shorts on. 
Pradera Verde has a practice lake near the villas (thank God) where instructors taught us first how to swim and float (as we need this skill to go back to the ground in case we fall). When we felt confident in the water, it was time to go. 
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
Practice Lake for Beginners
I was third on queue when the instructor (who is also the resident chef at View Deck Restaurant) decided to call me next (huhuhwhy?). I was scared to injure myself and my legs more than anything. 
How to Wakeboard for Beginners?
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
Always fun to try new things with Gus, MJ, Rodel and Rod
Basically, you just need to:
1. Keep the board on slanting position. 
2. Hold the rope at hip level.
3.. Do not pull the rope.
4. Keep the squat position – and slowly stand up.
5. Enjoy the ride. 
On the first try. I didn’t go too far. I stood up immediately and tipped over. I should have just squat. 
On the second try, I went halfway but tipped over and lost the board. I felt my right foot having cramps when I swam back. 
On the third try, I went far but struggled to squat because I was already feeling my muscle tightening. I was hoping to go back but I couldn’t let the board face it back and I felt muscle cramps on my legs and right foot. I didn’t want to let go. But I realized it was time to quit (before I even hurt myself) I let go of the board. I tried to swim on the side but I couldn’t. It it was an open sea with sharks. I would have been dead. Haha. As it appears, the worst that could happen to you during wakeboarding is getting cramps 🙁 
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
If this is a Next Top Model contest, I would lose this challenge. 
Rod would have won for faking it 😀 
Wakeboarding  Pradera Verde Blog
I would have wanted to try again to complete one round but I thought it was the best decision to quit. 
So here I am now. Nursing my sore muscle in neck (from efforts to swim back).and right arm. They say it was expected. I cannot wait to feel well and hopefully be back at Pradera Verde.
Some Tips for First Time Wakeboarders + Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did
1. Wear proper attire – rash guard and board shorts (ladies, we don’t want bikini malfunction) – the force of rope and water may be a little too strong. I kept my denim shorts on because I don’t have swimming shorts – it is a bit heavy and the distressed parts are painful to my thighs.
2. Always listen to the instructor. They always know what went wrong with your round. On the first try, I stood up immediately and didn’t go too far. 
3. Expect to drink a lot of lake water. :p
4. You would hit your face or body in the water – it is not soft and can be painful to your muscle. 
5. Keep the rope on your hip level and don’t pull. Let it pull you. I know it is easier said than done. I know I somewhat pulled it back to me.  Practice makes perfect. 
6. You would use muscles in your body that you never know you have. I can feel aches in my neck, right arms and lower abs.
7. If you have back condition, better to secure a clearance from your doc first. 
8. Bring friends who would cheer for you and take awesome photos of you. Hashtag #weekend. 
Wakeboarding Experience at Pradera Verde
with Rodel Flordeliz, AJ Sanchez, MJ de Leon, Rod Magaru and Gus Villa
Pradera Verde Wake Board Rates
1 hour Php 250
2 hours Php 475
4 hours Php 595
8 hours Php 1,000
Non-rider Rate Php 100/adults Php 50/kids
The rate is inclusive of vest, helmet and slip-on board. There are instructors on each dock.

Watch my video here:

If you guys are planning to learn and try wakeboarding, check out Pradera Verde. It is just 2-hour drive from Manila and can be visited via commute. It is along the highway and you can take a Genesis or Victory Liner bus going to Olangapo or Balanga. Ask conductor if it will pass by Lubao, Pampanga, Get off at Pradera Verde. 
Wakeboarding is truly a fun activity that would drag you to a thrilling challenges every round.
I love that the instructors make you feel safe and comfortable – no matter how silly you act around them. 😀  
Wakeboarding Experience at Pradera Verde + Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Did

Thank you Edward Santos and Rodel Flordeliz for the photos. 

Keep following. Will tell you more about our weekend in Pradera Verde.

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