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Watch the Final Episode of Camp #LiveBetter by Philam Vitality

January 19, 2018
camp live better philam vitality

Watch the Final Episode of Camp #LiveBetter by Philam VItality

Staying fit needs hardwork, discipline and dedication – and maybe, a webisode series that wold inspire us to stay fit and focused on our wellness goals. That is what Camp Live Better is all about. 

Philam Life, the country’s premiere insurance company, continues to position its wellness stand through Philam Vitality. To demonstrate how easy it is to live longer, healthier and better, it introduced the Camp #LiveBetter campaign which helps encourage the right behavior by giving incentives to customers for knowing and improving their health. I am one of those who got rewarded for reaching my daily fitness goals. 
The camp also launched a 3-part web series which follows the 14-day journey of 3 teams as they make the most of the Philam Vitality-integrated insurance policies to train, strategize and have fun while living healthier to make a change in their lives.

We got to watch the full webseries including the final episode (but I am not spoiling who won the Camp Live Better!)

Some photos from the event:

camp live better philam vitality
They tested our health and financial wellness!
camp live better philam vitality
Some good food from Green Pastures 
camp live better philam vitality

Our team won the challenges! Yay! 

The teams are headed by Philam Life Brand Ambassadors – Mond Guttierez, Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff. They are each joined by Philam Life Financial Advisor and a Philam Vitality Member. 
The team competed and went through different challenges related to fitness, wellness, food and finance. The #LiveBetter champ, the Philam Vitality Member from the team that accumulates the most points at the ed of two weeks, will get a luxurious wellness trip to Bali (ah, who doesn’t want to go to Bali?)

camp live better philam vitality

Team Mond said that Raymond shared what keeps him motivated – it is seeing his old photos.

I love that Camp Live Better featured normal people (like me, like you) who would want a change in their life. Most often, we feel that we are healthy and fit – and don’t need exercise and working out – until we are faced with challenges that would require us to stretch muscles. I experienced it during our recent Winter Greek Holiday wherein we climbed and hiked temples and mountains almost everyday.
Aside from being physically fit, it is also important that we do informed decisions when making life choices such as choosing the food that we eat. Like what Solenn said, wellness should always be a part of our lifestyle.

camp live better philam vitality brand ambassadors

The final episode is airing today, January 19, 2018 at 2 PM ! Watch and join the journey of the team and find out who won the Camp #LiveBetter! The last webisode is really interesting and would even test your knowledge about wellness and good choices!
Catch up on the webisode and watch the Episode 1 and Episode 2 below:

Catch Camp #LiveBetter at to watch all three episodes and find out how you too, can live a longer, healthier, and better life. To learn more, talk to a Philam Life Financial Advisor, find us on facebook at PhilamLifeAIA, or call (02) 528-2000.

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